We are thrilled to announce the high achievers for this year who have propelled the profession forward by virtue of their consistent and exemplary hard work, setting a higher benchmark for excellence along the way.

  • Separate award categories for individuals and companies.
  • Multiple nominations allowed.
  • Winners to be decided solely on vote counts.


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myCPE - Most Promising Personalities in Accounting 2021!

myCPE - Top Accounting Educator of the Year 2021!

myCPE - Top Educator of the Year 2021! (Fraud & Forensics)

myCPE - Top Payroll Educator of the Year 2021!

myCPE - Top Internal Audit Educator of the Year 2021 !

myCPE - Top Tax Resolution Educator of the Year 2021!

myCPE - Top Thought leaders of the Year 2021!

myCPE - Most Impactful Firm Leaders for 2021!

myCPE - Most Promising HR Leaders for 2021

myCPE - Accountech Innnovation Awards 2021!

myCPE - Top Excel Educator of the Year 2021!

myCPE - Top Business Finance Educator of the Year 2021!

myCPE - Most Impactful Women Leaders in Accounting 2021

How it Works

Collecting Nominations

Individual professionals as well as companies are invited to submit their nominations choosing from a number of awards in different categories. Please note, only one nomination will be accepted per entity for an award. Last date for nomination is July 31, 2022.

Nominate Now

Opening Votes

The voting lines will be opened. Share the voting links to your friends, colleagues, peers all over the web and ask them to vote for you. Also note that, only one vote is allowed per user. The nominations to the awards are open until July 31. The last day to record the votes is August 31st.


After the voting is closed we will count the number of votes cast for each nominee for all the awards and will announce the winners categorically. The announcements of the winners will be made on our social media from August 22, 2022.


Yes, a person can nominate another company/individual provided the nominee falls under the six categories listed for the awards.

There is no limit to the number of nominations from a single person.

There are six different categories of the awards. An aspiring nominee can choose from the list and decide which area suits the best. We will screen the received nominations and evaluate if the entry is valid. The wrong ones will be eliminated.

No. The nominations can be received from anyone and it’s not compulsory to know someone personally in order to nominate them. If you feel that any entity fits in the areas/categories of the awards, you can nominate them.

Yes, it is compulsory to nominate in order to win an award, because the winners will be decided depending only upon the number of votes received.

Yes, the condition is limited to having just one nomination for an award. If a person wants to nominate multiple companies/individuals for different categories and awards, that can be allowed.

Yes, it is compulsory to nominate in order to win an award, because the winners will be decided depending only upon the number of votes received.

Being nominated for any award is prestigious, therefore we insist not to withdraw the nomination. However, if a person still wants to go ahead with that, we will take the nomination off our voting page upon a written request.

Yes, nominations can be made on behalf of another person or company provided the nominee has no objection to it. However, repeated nomination in the same category will still not be permitted.

Yes we will be verifying the information provided during the nominations before listing them for voting. The voting profiles of the entrees will be created only after checking the background. We may use the information available online or in the public domain.

No. The whole process of awards is divided into phases which start subsequently and will not run concurrent with past phases. We will be providing enough time to nominate companies and professionals though. However, the links for nominations will be closed right before the voting commences.

No, there is no charge for participation and the nominations are completely free of cost.

The myCPE Excellence awards is open for individuals as well as companies who are making a mark with their performance and achievements in the fields of Accounting, Tax, Finance, HR, Technology and other similar areas.

This year we are limited to only a few categories and will accept nominations from only these areas. Nominations received outside them will not be considered and will be automatically rejected. In the future editions however, we may introduce new categories of awards. Please subscribe to our regular newsletter to get the updates.

The awards are separate for individuals and companies. The awards are also divided into several categories. An individual professional or a company can nominate for only one award in a category.

We trust the information provided about the entries through the nominations would be true, unless very vaguely mismatched from what’s available from other independent online sources. Each Entry will get one nomination in one category and one vote from one person. If we catch any malpractice in progress, we can cancel the nomination.

Yes, the voting rights are available for only registered users of myCPE, and this will be allowed for existing as well as newly registered users.

Yes, in order to avoid spamming and ensure that only fair practices are being followed to vote we have made it compulsory for every voter to sign up on myCPE before actually voting. This process is completely free and the information will be kept confidential.

The winners will be completely decided on the basis of the number of votes received for each nominee in different categories. No surveys or outside polls will be taken into consideration.

Since it is likely to receive thousands of votes, therefore we will be sharing the vote counts with only the people who win a particular award. Declaring the number of votes for every individual nomination will not be possible. We may provide the number of votes on request after the awards for this year are completely over.

We have developed our algorithms that screen any attempt to register multiple votes and filter out duplicate votes. Attempts to violate the fair usage will lead the person to be banned from visiting the site.

Yes, we will keep the information of the voters completely to ourselves.

There are a total of six categories that host 150+ awards. Most of the awards will have more than one winner.

As soon as the awards are announced, we will invite nominations from individuals as well as companies who fall under the categories listed on the site. The nominations will be followed by voting which will open on May 1 and will continue until May 31. We will declare the winners of each award based on the number of the votes received. The winners will be announced between June 15 to June 25.

Yes, since one entity can be nominated in multiple categories, therefore based on the number of votes received, it can win more than award too.

In case of tie in the number of votes received, joint winners will be declared and will receive separate trophies as awards.

The winners will be declared on August 10 , and will be declared on myCPE’s website and social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. We will send an email to formally inform about the award being conferred and also tag the winner in our posts. It is suggested that you follow us so that you never miss an update related to the awards.

No, this award will not have any monetary benefit.

The purpose of these awards is to elevate and establish the credentials of a company/individual as a leader in the profession. This will give

Yes, myCPE website visitors can view the list of all nominees of each category, that will help people view and vote for their favorite entree..

myCPE will be a neutral conductor of the awards, and will not promote any individual nomination. We will only promote the awards and encourage people to visit myCPE site and vote for their preferred nominees.

We do not focus our efforts on a celebratory event, despite being an enjoyable occasion, it doesn’t support our group’s philosophy of cost-effective marketing. It would be logistically difficult for several nominees and winners to attend the ceremony personally. All of our press announcements are made digitally, online and across our network to enforce our position as digital publishers. We will however send a trophy to the winners of each of the awards as a token of appreciation from our side.

After the winners are declared, we will send over a small award to their addresses with their permission.

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