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CANNEX Financial Exchanges Limited

CANNEX Financial Exchanges Limited

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About Company

CANNEX is the premier provider of data, research and quantitative analysis for retirement savings and income products in North America. Our mission is to provide access and transparency to the pricing and features of annuity, bank and investment products that consumers rely on for retirement security.

Financial institutions and financial professionals use our services to help build, evaluate, and compare both the guarantees and performance provided by retirement products.

We also provide thought leadership and market intelligence to help clients stay informed on the ever-changing product, distribution, and regulatory environment.

Because we manage the actual pricing algorithms and illustrations for annuity products on behalf of insurance carriers, we are able to develop various benchmarks and indices that can be used for product valuation purposes. We can also feed these benchmarks along with actual pricing real-time to other third-party applications and tools that support planning & education, sales, and compliance.

We are also committed to solving difficult and sophisticated problems in the realm of retirement planning and income management by providing consulting and research support through our quantitative research team.

In Canada, the CANNEX Financial Network (CFN) has been the dominant bank and credit union resource that facilitates over $50 billion per year in GIC & term deposit transactions to third parties.

In the United States, CANNEX US is the premier provider of annuity pricing and analytic services for all income and deferred annuities. We partner with insurance companies and distributors on research and market intelligence, financial planning and education, annuity sales and compliance processes, and product service and administration

Products and Services

  • Income Annuities
  • Fixed-Rate Annuities
  • Indexed Annuities
  • Variable Annuities

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