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Center for Enlightened Business

Center for Enlightened Business

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Coaching accountants to grow their practice, attract highly profitable clients, and work less while making more money.

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  • 2-10 employees
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About Company

Dedicated to empowering accounting firm owners to grow their practice exponentially and bring in highly profitable monthly engagements of $3000 to $15,000 per client per month.

For more than a decade, we’ve served and coached over 10,000 accountants by providing extensive knowledge and guidance to attract, price, sell, and deliver value to highly profitable monthly retainer clients. 

The Center for Enlightened Business is the culmination and evolution of our years of experience, coaching, and service to those we care about most - the small- to medium-sized accounting firm owners.

We’re all focused on changing one life at a time. Everyone here cares about the success of our members like they care about their own success. It’s a beautiful thing. We invite you to join us and begin today to grow your accounting business and improve the qualify of your life.

Products and Services

  • Advisory
  • High-Profit Engagements
  • Accounting Firm Growth
  • Accounting Firm Marketing
  • Accounting Firm Sales
  • Coaching for Accountants
  • Accountant to Advisor Transition
  • Exponential Growth
  • Masters of Mindset
  • Human Performance Specialist
  • Sales Training
  • Accounting Coach

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Best Practices for Accounting Firms to be True Business Advisor
Best Practices for Accounting Firms to be True Business Advisor
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  • CFE
  • CMA
  • CPA (US)
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Darlene Attard, CPA (US)

Mar 9th 2021

I'm a CPA working for a financial planning firm and love using all my skills here and enhancing my advisor skills. I thought the ideas presented here will also help me at this RIA as we, too, have been adding value to our clients in different ways. So true all the 4 shifts that need to be made ... even in life ... being proactive not reactive in service, attracting the right clients with our posturing and delivering with confidence. Awesome webinar and so happy attended. Matt is providing a much needed service!


Julie Stolnis, CPA (US)

Jan 12th 2021

The content seemed to be identical to a previous CPE called Let Your Accounting Practice Grow on Its own. Would have been nice to know. Although I listened in again since I lost my notes from the first one. Value enough that listening in twice was worth it!


Emily Albertelli, CPA (US)

Apr 7th 2021

The instructor was very knowledgable and you can tell this is his expertise. Effective learning program!


Tenika Drakes, CPA (US)

Dec 30th 2020

This was amazing. About to start my own firm and SO GLAD I found this just at the right time. Thanks for the knowledge shared and the shift in mindset.


Judith Felipe, CPA (US)

Dec 16th 2020

I have always appreciated being able to take CPE courses with the wide availability of topics on MyCPE. I do wish there were a way to confirm after answering a polling question, that the answer was indeed counted. I've taken 2 courses already where I was I00% was active during the entire course and answered all polling questions, however, was noted as not having answered all polling questions after the fact and was not able to get credit.


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