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Allison M. McLeod LL.M. CPA A PLLC

  • Houston, Texas
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Allison M. (Yee) McLeod, LL.M., JD, CPA, has served as an expert witness in multi-million dollar cases involving tax litigation and accounting malpractice. Professor McLeod also a full-time Senior Lecturer at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Her courses include Ethics, Corporate Taxation, Tax Research and Financial Accounting. In addition to her academic duties, Professor McLeod has had the privilege of teaching ethics to Texas CPAs across the State since 2011 and regularly serves as an expert witness on accounting malpractice cases.




This was one of the best CPE webinars I've ever done. The instructor was outstanding, keeping my interest for all 3.5 hours. Her selection of case studies and her ability to relate them to our ethical standards was remarkable. I truly enjoyed this CPE session, which is something I may have said 3-4 times in my entire career.


Speaker is very knowledgeable and easy to listen to.


This was an ethics course. I feel that ethics really isn't something that you can teach. That said, the use of relevant case studies and engaging commentary by the instructor was thought provoking, which made the course very effective.


The webinar was great. Kept my attention the entire time. Great examples and case studies helped in understanding the subject matter.


Presenter was dynamic and the fact that it started 6:30AM PST, woke me up with her stories and got my engagement from the first story. Best Ethics course I have ever attended. Thanks for helping me meet my CPE requirements, sharing the stories of these companies, and reminding us of our stewardship and social responsibilities in the profession we have chosen.


This ethics course was amazing. Drawing parallels between professional obligations, moral duty and illuminating these concepts with relevant case studies. Excellent work Allison!


This was probably the best ethics CPE class I have taken in the past 35 years that I have been a CPA. Allison kept me engaged and interested the whole time. Excellent use of case studies to keep it interesting and relevant. Great job!


This webinar was amazing! I didn't even realize the time when Allison wrapped up at the end of the presentation. The presentation style was very engaging as the instructor did an incredible job tying together each subsection of the class to the overarching theme.


Webinar was great. This was one of the most interesting ethics courses I have ever taken. Webinar included many real life case studies that made the value of ethics more important and made it feel much shorter than it was. I have already recommended it to my colleague!


Technology easy to use. myCPE asks more poll questions to verify attendance than other CPE providers I attend. Also, others are clear that you need only hit a % (often 75-80) to get credit. I was, however, able to answer all 12 questions. Overall experience was good and I will likely attend other events.


Unless interested in psychology, sociology or spirituality, presenting ethics could be, and often is, can be considered very dull. Either one is reared with and has ethics or they don't, but, in either case, the presenter did an amazing job of keeping the session moving forward. Excellent! do not have ethics as part of your soul,


This was my first time using myCPE and overall it was great. The course I took was delivered on time, taught by a competent instructor and I was able to access the course for free.


This was the most enjoyable (and longest) webinar I've attended. The presenter was highly knowledgeable and experienced in her field, as well as an accomplished public speaker. I look forward to more of her classes.


Virtual training is very different than in room training which allows people to interact better. But during this pandemic, I see no other choice. I will continue to use myCPE to credit some more credits over the next couple of months before my license expires in March.


Really enjoyed the speaker, honestly thought the four hour session went by pretty quick. I have sat through so many CPE events to where the speaker is dull and dry, tis was not.


This is my 4th CPE course as I recently discovered you. I was skeptical to take a 4-hour ethics class, but as I stated above, she made all the stories relatable and relevant and, although I tried to multitask, I would catch myself wishing I could rewind to replay parts of the stories. Great class. The 4 hours flew by, and she was very mindful of our time. Thank you so much.


Great ethics webinar. Very helpful. A must for CPAs. myCPE is the best provider of continued education for CPAs & EAs. The best thing is that myCPE provided this course for free during this pandemic which is hardly provided by any company. Keep up the good work.


Generally a very well prepared ethics course with relevant topics and case studies.


Got a slow start because I had to download some GOTOMeeting update. I was logged in on time, but it was stressful to think I was going to miss out. But I loved the presentation. Real Value Addition and gave heads-up on the new trends. Thank you Very much.


Wonderful webinar with valuable content. I loved the webinar presentation style and in-depth information on the relevant subjects. Thank you very much for the learning experience.


Oustanding job done by instructor and person taken the questions Awasome job


It was a very well presented webinar. The speaker explained the points in detail and with examples. I did really enjoy the learning experience. It really was an interesting subject. Thanks again.


I am so appreciative of myCPE for providing these webinars. Not only do they bring in instructors which are the best in their field, but also at a low or sometimes no cost. I've recently lost a job opportunity due to Coronavirus and am tight on funds, however, need to earn CPE to maintain my CPA license so these webinars have been extremely convenient and not to mention great for the community with their 1 credit = 1 meal program. Brilliant work myCPE!


Since this was the first time I attended a webinar with myCPE, I appreciated the tip to toggle away from full screen in order to answer polls. Thanks!


Very timely course for me. thanks for cpe webinar dealing with ethics topic


Great instructor. Actually the first Ethics webinar that was not boring. I've been taking Ethics classes for 14 year. She was very engaging and did not just read powerpoints. Highly recommend this webinar.


It was a great set of updates regarding the Washington statues and rules for the CPAs and for me it was an additional benefit as i was short of my CPE credit. Great content and spectacular speaker. Definitely, I will refer to my colleagues.


This was the best ethics webinar I have attended in several years. The instructor's admonition that to improve ethics compliance, you have to change people was perfect. And it was a good mix of technical and practical materials.


I am satisfied with the seminar I attended and will seek further seminars with this company


Great presenter, lots of illustrative examples. I enjoyed the webinar and I would like to thanks myCPE for providing Free Ethics courses during the pandemic.


The speaker was very knowledgeable regarding the subject matter and was an engaging lecturer. Would take more classes from her.


great presenter, enjoy your unique combination of expertise and fun presentation style


Great ethic webinar. Very helpful. A must for CPAs. Speaker was excellent. I learned a lot of details about the way practicing CPA's will be impacted in their practice because of new environment and regulations


Very interesting presentation, many ethics presentations I have taken were rather boring, the presenter kept it interesting


Great free CPE!


Great free CPE!


great course with examples


Excellent experience


Good class showed regs and rules that need to be followed plus defined some of the more questionable areas


Great look at ethics from a tax practitioner's point of view.


The thought of four hours of CPE at once was quite daunting, but Allison kept it interesting by including examples which made the talk feel more like a discussion than a lecture.


I thought the presenter and the content were both very good. The instructor had a lot of "real world" examples, which made the content interesting.


The presenter, Allison McLeod, was well versed in the subject matter, spoke clearly and concisely and shared relevant case studies.


I am not sure these credits count for Texas CPA Ethics requirement. It should be researched and a disclaimer it may not qualify.


Great CPE ethics course.


The presenter was very knowledgeable and presented a variety of cases for her information which was very helpful.


The presenter was very knowledgeable and presented a variety of cases for her information which was very helpful.


Overall I thought the session was very good.


I really enjoy the cases presented in the program. They were interesting and very relevant to the topic of this program.


The presenter did a great job discussing various examples of ethical situations that made them interesting and not boring. We take an ethnic class every two years, so finding an instructor who holds your interest is important.


I was skeptical that a 4 hour ethics class was going to be good..... but the instructor did a very nice job of making the ethics topic relevant through real life examples. She was fantastic!


This was a first live ethics class I took, it was very worthwhile.


The instructor used many real life examples of ethical lapses, which made the session more relevant. She did a great job of keeping the session moving. Excellent instructor.




Ethics made interesting as the teacher gave several examples of recent violations across major Corporations.


Excellent session. Thank you for sharing it free of charge.


Great pace of learning - interesting discussion points - kept my attention.


Enjoyed the presentation very much. It was a fast 4 hours and I learned a few things and felt encouraged.


Very good instructor


The instructor was great, probably best I've listened to thus far. She was very engaging and made the material very interesting and informative.


The presenter was very engaging!


The presenter did a great job on ethics which is a dry subject. I loved all the case studies!!


I registered for this course for my CPE requirement at the beginning. In the end, I concluded the course was so informal and up-to-date information. Thank you.


This is the best way of completing my ethic course over the last 10 years.


Best webcast! Best instructor!


Presenter did a great job. Many examples were presented.


I have never had a better experience in an ethics course. She did a really great job!


This was a wonderful training that all CPAs can relate to. I would recommend it to everyone.


The instructor (Allison) was engaging even for a webinar that was so long. She did great, Allison had relatable everyday metaphors to professional situations which made the content very digestible. And she was funny


Great experience! Very interesting class and I would highly recommend.


Excellent classes I attended today that I will recommend to my CPA friends.


Great Platform.


Great instructor and content


Very informative and interesting webinar. I strongly recommend.


The most interesting an ethics class could be!!


Instructor was fantastic, easy to follow and gave some great examples


I signed up to get CPE credit in the Ethics area. This does not relate to my job, but the instructor had a great teaching style and kept my interest.


This was my first use of MyCPE and I thought the program content and its delivery were excellent. Thank you.


The speaker was fabulous!


The instructor was easy to listen to for 4 hours and that's quite a compliment!


Excellent ethics presenter! Will definitely attend again for ethics CPE. Thank you for an informative and engaging CPE.


Ethics webinars are always boring full of definitions and technical language but this one was great with real life examples.


Instructor was great but tired of hearing about Enron and World Com...


The content is helpful.


I went into this 4 hour ethics seminar anticipating on it being boring. It was anything but boring! The case studies and discussions were relevant and fascinating, and the instructor was great!


A great experience!


One of the best webinars to date! It held my interest for the full 3.75 hours. I'm looking forward to seeing other presentations by Allison McLeod