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Allison M. McLeod LL.M. CPA A PLLC

Allison M. McLeod LL.M. CPA A PLLC

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  • 682-351-4340

About Company

Allison M. (Yee) McLeod, LL.M., JD, CPA, has served as an expert witness in multi-million dollar cases involving tax litigation and accounting malpractice. Professor McLeod also a full-time Senior Lecturer at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Her courses include Ethics, Corporate Taxation, Tax Research and Financial Accounting. In addition to her academic duties, Professor McLeod has had the privilege of teaching ethics to Texas CPAs across the State since 2011 and regularly serves as an expert witness on accounting malpractice cases.

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Chappell Chancey, CPA (US)

Jun 3rd 2020

This was one of the best CPE webinars I've ever done. The instructor was outstanding, keeping my interest for all 3.5 hours. Her selection of case studies and her ability to relate them to our ethical standards was remarkable. I truly enjoyed this CPE session, which is something I may have said 3-4 times in my entire career.


Teresa Hughart, CPA (US)

Dec 29th 2019

Speaker is very knowledgeable and easy to listen to.


Louis DiGiovine, CPA (US)

Jan 16th 2021

This was an ethics course. I feel that ethics really isn't something that you can teach. That said, the use of relevant case studies and engaging commentary by the instructor was thought provoking, which made the course very effective.


James Riley, CPA (US)

Jan 15th 2021

The webinar was great. Kept my attention the entire time. Great examples and case studies helped in understanding the subject matter.


kym Dinehart, CPA (US)

Jan 15th 2021

Presenter was dynamic and the fact that it started 6:30AM PST, woke me up with her stories and got my engagement from the first story. Best Ethics course I have ever attended. Thanks for helping me meet my CPE requirements, sharing the stories of these companies, and reminding us of our stewardship and social responsibilities in the profession we have chosen.


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