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Michael Gregory Consulting LLC

Michael Gregory Consulting LLC

Solution Provider, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Negotiation, IRS Issues, Leadership Training, Executive Coach

  • Management Consulting
  • 0-1 employees
  • Roseville, Minnesota
  • 3
  • 654-633-5311

Michael Gregory Consulting, LLC specializes in alternative dispute resolution, risk management issues with the IRS specialists, and value added services. Alternative dispute resolution focuses on client based mediation. Risk management addresses issue resolution with the IRS on business valuation, research credit, capitalization, transfer pricing and other specialist issues. IRS risk management focuses on how to navigate within the IRS, to work with the right parties and work towards issue resolution. Value added services include litigation support, business valuation review, strategic planning and other value added services.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Mediation
  • Risk Management with the IRS
  • Business Valuation Review
  • Research Credit
  • international Issues
  • Valuation
  • 409A
  • Penalties
  • Subchapter S
  • Discounts
  • DLOM
  • Reasonable Compensation
  • Strategic Planning
This is How to Build Trust

This is How to Build Trust

  • Feb 04, 01:00 PM EST
  • CPA (CA)
  • CPA (US)
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