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QuantEcon Consulting

QuantEcon Consulting

Place Icon Plano,TX

Getting your company out of the red and growing up in the black.

  • Import & Export
  • 2-10 employees
  • 170
  • 214-690-4172

About Company

Economic Consulting Services including Transfer Pricing / Dispute Resolution / International Trade / Policy & Taxation / Forensic Investigation / Public Speaking for mid to large size businesses.

We are a team of diverse professionals who recognize that success in business depends upon a multidisciplinary approach to problems. Problems and their solutions are never one dimensional;  as such our diverse skills provide a unique platform upon which all facets of a challenging problem can be assessed and solutions discerned and derived. 

The first thing we'll do for you is listen. We need to understand your perspective and point of view on the challenges you face. Second, we become experts on your business model and your position in the marketplace. Thirdly, we provide value by providing the right solution that comports with your facts and unique circumstances. Finally, we don't fold up our consulting tent and walk away; instead we partner with you on the implementation of our proposed solution.

Products and Services

  • Economic Development Analysis
  • Pricing and Competitive Strategy
  • Forensics/Data Analytics
  • Intellectual Property Valuation
  • IRS Field Audits
  • IRS Appeals
  • State Audits
  • Global Documentation
  • IRS Penalty Documentation