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Close books on time with automated pre-accounting

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Yashwanth Madhusudan


Wednesday, January 20, 2021 | 11:00 AM EDT

  • CPA Canada
  • CMA
  • CPA

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Subject Area

Business Management and Organization

Webinar Qualifies For

1 CPE credit of Business Management & Organization for all CPAs

1 CPE credit for Certified Management Accountants (CMA)

1 CPD credit (Verifiable) for Canadian CPAs

1 General Educational credit for Tax Professionals / Bookkeepers / Accountants

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Course Description

Efficiency for finance teams has evolved over time. The times today have especially stressed how important it is to keep accounting online and centralize any data around it. Efficiency has also become the top goal for most finance teams. This is where pre-accounting plays a big role. Any processes around expensing, approvals, implementing spending rules, reimbursements need to be automated for finance teams to streamline accounting. In all honesty, an employee doesn’t look at a receipt for compliance like an accountant does. The risk of non-compliance starts with them but by the time Finance teams catch up, it’s usually too late. Automated pre-accounting has become the need of the hour.

Without automated pre-accounting, employees are tasked with:

  • Remembering T&E policies and spending rules
  • Tracking all business expenses with their own methods which might not align with what the company requires doubling their work
  • Filling their wallets with paper receipts
  • Spending productive hours in creating, collating, and submitting comprehensive expense reports

Approvers/Finance teams are tasked with:

  • Verifying all claims and receipts for compliance
  • Manually matching and reconciling credit card expenses
  • Ensuring that no fraudulent or non-compliant claims are processed
  • Recording all actions taken on expense claims
  • Processing reimbursements on time
  • Organizing and filing all expense reports and receipts for audits
  • Be overworked at the end of the month due to the sudden influx of expense claims

T&E management is time-consuming and manual. The risk of data entry errors, non-compliance, fraud, and inaccurate reporting is high. This webinar will share a live view of how automation and technology can solve pre-accounting and make accounting a piece of cake.

Learning Objectives

  • To evaluate the need for streamlined pre-accounting
  • To identify the role of technology and automation in pre-accounting
  • To identify ways of automating pre-compliance and staying audit-ready from the start
  • To identify the ways of Automating credit card reconciliation
  • To get an overview of how technology powers pre-accounting

Who Should Attend?

  • Accountant
  • Accounting Firm
  • Accounting Managers
  • Bookkeepers & Accountants & Tax Preparers
  • Business Owner
  • CPA (Industry)
  • CPA - Mid Size Firm
  • CPA - Small Firm
  • Senior Accountant
  • Staff of Accounting Firm
  • Young CPA


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