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Forensic Accounting: Writing a Fraud Investigation Report

  • CPA (CA)
  • CFF
  • CFE
  • CIA
  • CPA (US)
  • IAP
  • QIAL
Forensic Accounting: Writing a Fraud Investigation Report

2 Credits


Subject Area


Webinar Qualifies For

2 CPE credit of Accounting for all CPAs

2 CPE credit for Certified Internal Auditors (CIA)

2 CPD credit (Verifiable) for Canadian CPAs

2 CPE credit for Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership (QIAL)

2 CPE credit for Internal Audit Practitioner (IAP)

2 CPE credit for Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs)

2 CPD credit (Verifiable) for CPA/CFF

2 General Educational credit for Tax Professionals / Bookkeepers / Accountants

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Course Description

Forensic accounting engagements are normally investigated over fraud, dispute, insurance claims, and criminal cases. This engagement normally called by police, lawyer, or the parties in dispute.

Preparing the fraud investigation report is part of your major responsibilities if you are a forensic accountant. This task is normally done at the final stage of your investigation.

Forensic accountant’s reports are normally used as evidence to resolve the case and present to the person seeking forensic accounting service, normally lawyer, the insurance company, etc.

Main elements that should be included in your investigation report:

  •       Executive summary of report

o   Scope of service

o   Objective of service

o   Investigation approach

o   Summary of finding (key finding)

  •         Scope of works in the report
  •         Findings from the investigations
  •         Conclusion from the investigations 

Through this Accounting CPE course you will learn how to draft an effective written report on a fraud investigation as it covers the following major topics:

  •         Written reports and supporting documentation
  •         Methods of presenting evidence to help non-accountants understand the numbers
  •         Evaluating reports of opposing experts
  •         Common lines of questioning for financial experts

Learning Objectives

  • To describe how to write an effective report disclosing the results of a fraud investigation
  • To describe how to present evidence effectively with visual aids
  • To explain how to testify effectively at deposition and trial

Who Should Attend?

  • Certified Public Accountant
  • CPA (Industry)
  • CPA - Mid Size Firm
  • CPA - Small Firm
  • Young CPA