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Fraud Defined

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Course Description

Course Description

At any given moment, people in all parts of the world are conceiving new illegal ways to make money or gain economic advantage from organizations and individual victims. All major institutions like banks and other financial institutions, retail, medical, government, and non-profits in every society and industry face fraud situations in one way or the other. Further, financial crime is continuously evolving. It not only causes financial losses but also reputational and long-term business and practice losses that are difficult to measure. Therefore, knowing and dealing with fraud is necessary from a professional perspective. 

This Online CPE Auditing Webinar explores the definition of fraud from the vantage point of the many professionals that are faced with fraud-related issues. Fraud and forensics are defined from the perspective of professionals that deal with the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud as well as the prosecution and defense of civil and criminal lawsuits. The instructor Victor Hartman is an attorney, CPA, and former FBI Agent that now works in the private sector specializing in investigations and fraud mitigation consulting. His insights into the accounting and legal definitions of fraud will assist all professionals in fighting fraud.

This online Fraud webinar for CPAs covers the following Key Topics:

  • Exploring various facets of fraud with clarity.
  • What are the civil elements of fraud?
  • What are the criminal elements of fraud?
  • Which are the Accounting standards relating to fraud?
  • Real-case examples are used to bring the material to life.

Here is the link to your interest: Auditing Webinar | Fraud webinar 

Learning Objectives

  • To define fraud.
  • To explore the professional standards for internal and external auditors.
  • To explore the civil elements of fraud.
  • To recognize the criminal elements of fraud.
  • To apply the definition of fraud to the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud.

Recommended For

  • This fraud CPE course is recommended for CPAs, CFEs, CFFs, CVAs, CMAs, CEOs, CFOs, Risk Managers, Compliance Officers, and Other Top Management Professionals involved in the detection and prevention of fraud.
  • This course is valuable for CRMAs, CIAs, and all the titles governed by IIA.
  • This webinar is for any professional that addresses fraud-related issues including management, internal auditors, external auditors, CPAs, forensic accountants, and attorneys. The webinar provides a working definition of fraud so that professionals are better equipped to address it.

Who Should Attend?

  • Accounting and audit managers/practitioners
  • Auditors
  • Certified Fraud Examiner