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How to Streamline Client Cleanup Projects

  • CPA (CA)
  • CMA
  • CPA (US)
How to Streamline Client Cleanup Projects

1 Credit


Subject Area

Business Management and Organization

Webinar Qualifies For

1 CPE credit of Business Management & Organization for all CPAs

1 CPD credit (Verifiable) for Canadian CPAs

1 CPD credit (Verifiable) for CPA/PFS

1 General Educational credit for Tax Professionals / Bookkeepers / Accountants

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Course Description

Small business owners need your help in getting their books accurate so they can file their taxes and manage their businesses properly. They may have been “going it alone” last year to save money and now they can’t trust their balances. Or, they may be a referral from a CPA firm who asks you to clean up and verify the balances so they can proceed with the tax return. Either way, you need a process to manage this work that results in a great experience for your staff, and for the client. 

This CPE webinar for CPAs discusses the following key topics: 

  • Practical tips designed to help you streamline your client clean-up projects regardless of the length of the engagement
  • Maximize the chances of converting the best of these clients into ongoing monthly clients for your firm.
  • Expanding the clientele of your organization

This CPE webinar is well-suited for any accounting, tax, bookkeeping, or financial professional who needs to exchange sensitive data with their clients and wants to make the process secure, easy, and a seamless part of their client's day.

Learning Objectives

  • To standardize your onboarding process so you can use it with all new clients.
  • To create a specific and manageable request process for clients so as to enable them to respond quickly and easily.
  • To develop a process for wrapping up a clean-up project with the client.

Who Should Attend?

  • Annual Filing Season Program
  • California Registered Tax Professional
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Certified Information Technology Professionals
  • Certified Management Accountant
  • Certified Payroll Manager
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Certified Senior Advisor
  • Certified Valuation Analysts
  • Chartered Professional Accountant
  • CPA - Large Firm
  • CPA - Mid Size Firm
  • CPA - Small Firm
  • Enrolled Agent
  • Licensed Financial Advisor
  • Maryland Tax Preparers
  • Oregon Tax Preparers
  • Payroll Compliance Practitioner
  • Personal Financial Specialist
  • Qualified Associate Financial Planner
  • Young CPA





While this is not directly relevant to my job, the concept is. Despite being a large corporation, there are often pockets of work which were neglected due to lack of ownership or reorganizations. As such, the concepts and approach are similar. Thank you.


This was a very good webinar with good information about a very powerful system tool. Thanks so much.


I loved this presentation, she was upbeat and engaging. She was very knowledgeable about her business and she explained why she used certain software. I would be thrilled to attend any other webinars she presents


I actually enjoyed this training because it was applicable to clean up projects I'm working on right now.




A+ Delivery Thank You!