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What to Look for and Where to Look

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Course Description

Course Description

Fraud is a threat to every organization.

It can cost millions of dollars. And as an auditor, we have to constantly be on the lookout for it. Every major audit standard has some kind of fraud provisions that auditors are required to follow. You can’t get around it. It starts with the planning process and carries throughout the audit engagement. Every auditor should be familiar with the key fraud red flags and the major fraud schemes. 

Every internal auditor is required to look for indicators of fraud in every audit engagement. Every major audit association has a standard that speaks to fraud and how the auditor should handle it. That means that the auditor should be aware of the various audit schemes and what to look for.

The speaker in this CPE webinar on fraud will discuss the various fraud schemes and the departments where they are likely to be found. 

This course offers information to assist audit professionals in looking for and addressing fraud in their organizations. It will look at various audit standards internal auditors are required to follow and the Fraud Triangle that gives the three factors for committing fraud. There are three major fraud schemes and several sub-schemes. The course will look at the various audit tests to identify possible audit tests for the various fraud schemes. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners issued a comprehensive report on worldwide fraud.  

Attendees in this CPE Auditing webinar will look at some of the key findings including the likely persons to commit fraud, the departments where frauds are likely to be committed, the schemes use, and the fraud red flags to look for. They will also look at the various possible audit tests to be done for the various audit schemes.

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Learning Objectives

  • To discuss Audit standards relative to fraud.
  • To analyze the factors that lead to fraud.
  • To discuss the three major fraud schemes and the key sub-schemes.
  • To inspect audit tests for various fraud schemes.
  • To analyze key survey information on fraud.
  • To inspect the likely persons to commit fraud.
  • To investigate the likely areas where frauds are committed.
  • To explain the likely schemes they use.
  • To analyze how to look for red flags.

Recommended For

  • This Online CPE Webinar is recommended for CPAs, CIAs, QIALs, IAPs, CRMAs, CFFs, CFEs, MAFFs, Internal Auditors, External Auditors, Staff Auditors, Government Auditors, Compliance Officers, CFOs,