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Continuing Education Credits Breakup Details

  • Federal Ethics

    4 credits
  • Federal Tax Law Update

    10 credits
  • Federal tax-related matters

    31 credits

What is a Combo Package?

Many Professionals have multiple Qualifications and they have to take multiple credits for meeting their continuing education requirements for each of the titles. Now with myCPE combo package, you can take your continuing education credits just in one go. You don’t have to take multiple courses for each of your titles separately. myCPE is approved by NASBA (Sponsor id: 143597) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) (Approval id: GEHNZ) and hence authorized to provide continuing education certificates.

What does this combo package include?

If you are a CPA and an Enrolled Agent both then this package helps you in meeting your continuing education requirements for both titles. This 45 hours package (Incl. 4 hrs Ethics course) includes the courses with their below-mentioned subject break up:


  • Accounting & Auditing - 13
  • Ethics (Reg) - 4
  • Taxes - 28


  • Federal tax-related matters - 31
  • Ethics(Regulatory) - 4
  • Federal Tax Law Update - 10

This package meets dual requirements for both professionals who are CPA and EA both.

You will get separate certificates for CPA and EA titles for these courses to meet your continuing education requirements.

By subscribing to this package, both EAs and CPAs can fulfill their 45 CPE requirements in their subject areas of Accounting, Auditing, Taxes, and Ethics.


  • CPAs - CPAs are required to report their CPE credits annually. However, each state has prescribed a different reporting cycle.
  • EAs - The 3-year renewal period for Enrolled Agents depends on the last digit of their SSN.


  • CPAs - There are generally 40 CPE Requirements. However, each state determines its own CPE requirements for its Certified Public Accountant license.
  • EAs - EAs must obtain 72 hours of continuing education every three years. A minimum of 16 hours must be earned per year, two of which must include ethics.


  • CPAs   - Generally, the state requires CPAs to comply with the 4 hours Ethics requirement which may be through regulatory ethics or board-approved state-specific ethics courses. (This package includes a qualifying, General Ethics Course)
  • EAs   - Enrolled Agents (EAs) are required to earn a minimum of 2 hours of Federal Tax Ethics annually and a total of 6 hours of Ethics for a reporting period of 3 years.

Notes :

Information given by us on CPE/CE Requirements / Subject Requirements is based on information sourced from reliable sources. However, these requirements keep on updating. For the latest and updated CPE/CE requirements, please visit the respective website here: NASBA | IRS Website

Yes, this combo package would meet 45 CPE requirements for both CPAs and EAs.

Each course is created by a qualified and experienced instructor(s). myCPE Packages include Self-study and Live Courses. The courses are in the form of On-demand Videos and Live webinars, However, there are some courses that are Text-Based courses. The Self-study Video courses in Packages may be Live recorded presentations converted into Self Study (On-Demand Videos).

After completion of each course of this package or package, you will be able to download a certificate with the course title and number of hours. Certificates, as well as your study records, are stored for life and you can access them anytime. Certificates are valid proof for your continuing education credits.

Once you register you will have complete access to all the courses of this package. The self-study format allows you to access the material online 24/7 and study at your own pace and live webinars should be attended at the scheduled date.

As per NASBA guidelines, you have one year from the date of purchase of your package to complete each program. Complete your final exam at the end of each webinar any time and get CPE Credit instantly. You can retake the exam multiple times without any additional charges.

  • Self-Study Course has a minimum passing score of 70% in the final exam and you can take multiple attempts of the said exam.
  • All the polling questions should be answered for the live CPE course to get the certificate.
Our video player tracks & stores the watch time and will show you in the progress bar. But you make sure that you don’t fast forward or manually try to move the progress bar. If you have fast-forwarded the video or tried to manually move the progress bar of the video. The system wouldn’t capture your watch time. So please let the video go on its own. However, the on-demand video can be paused and played whenever you want and you can watch it in pieces. It will pick up from where you left off. So for self-study courses, you will have to

1. Complete the entire video 100%.
2. Answer all the review questions correctly. The review questions are at the bottom of the same page where you are viewing the webinar video.
3. Once you have watched the whole video and answered all the review questions, the Final Quiz will open up. You need to score more than 70% in the Final Quiz to avail your CPE credit. Multiple attempts are allowed for submitting Review and Final Quiz questions.
4. Once you have completed the Review and Final quiz questions, you shall be able to download the credit certificate from the ‘My Certificates’ section. Kindly ensure you have allowed Multiple File download from your web browser to download all certificates
5. You can download the individual certificate from your "Account" as well as from this page once you complete a particular course. Also, you can download "Consolidated Certificate" from the package page or from your account.
A Self-study webinar is a recorded video (If it’s a recording of a live webinar you may see polling questions appearing on the screen. You do not need to answer the polling questions and just let the video play). Do not fast forward if you fast forward we may not be able to capture your watch time and you may be required to watch it multiple times. In order to avail your credits for the self-study webinar, you need to answer the review questions correctly and complete the entire video. Once you have done that, the Final Quiz will open up in which you need to score a minimum 70% to qualify for the credit. You can attempt multiple times for answering the review questions and Final quiz questions. Once you have completed the Review and Final quiz questions, you shall be able to download the credit certificate from ‘My Certificates’ section.
If neither of the above cases works, please drop an email to or contact our support team through live chat support.

The evaluation form will be sent to attendees in the next 24 hours after passing the final quiz with at least 70% marks and in the case of the live webinar, it is sent after completion of the webinar. Kindly note that the evaluation form will only be available to attendees who remained logged in till the end of the webinar and answer all the polling questions.

MY-CPE LLC is PCI Compliant - Approved. myCPE uses a secure payment gateway ( to process your payment details. This payment gateway is in accordance with the PCI-DSS Compliance. Therefore, your payment details are secure through SSL encryption. CLICK HERE to view our PCI compliance certificate. Once you have registered for the package and paid for it you shall not be granted any refund unless you are not able to access courses for any reason etc.

All our courses in the packages are approved by NASBA, IRS, and other regulating bodies. However, we would recommend you to visit the accountancy board website of your licensure state for CPE credit requirements.

"For some, Continuous Education is compliance that helps them to renew their licenses. For some, it’s a worthwhile learning experience that keeps them and their firm up-to-date by taking valuable insights from continuing education webinars/courses. At myCPE, we believe in providing quality continuing education beyond CPE credits. MyCPE, the first-ever web & mobile CPE/CE platform has launched a path-breaking social initiative “1 Credit = 1 Meal” under which we donate one meal to an underprivileged for each credit earned by a professional on our Platform. Check out our “1 Credit = 1 Meal” Timeline."

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