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Chartered Accountants Ireland (The Institute) is a membership body representing over 30,000 influential members throughout the globe. Its role is to educate, represent and support its members. Its members work in senior positions in practice and industry. CPD is a vital part of the membership. It ensures that professionals maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills needed to deliver a professional service to customers, clients, and the community.

MY-CPE LLC offers continuing professional development courses for Chartered Accountants-Ireland Professionals. We are focused on providing quality continuing education to the Chartered Accountants-Ireland members that incorporate the qualified subject areas. Our CPD courses are authored/ reviewed by industry specialists and subject matter experts.  All our courses are designed in a way to ensure that courses meet your continuing professional development requirements.


CPD Requirements
CPD requirement depends upon the approach followed by the members. The input Approach is widely followed in which professionals will need to complete 70 hours of CPD annually.
License Renewal Period
31st March annually.
CPD Reporting Cycle
January 1 to December 31 Annually.
Ethics Requirement
No minimum ethics requirement.
Carryover Credits
For an input-based approach ¬CPD requirements can be averaged over three years but you must undertake at least 20 hours of structured or unstructured CPD each year.

CLICK HERE for further reference on CPD regulations for the Chartered Accountants-Ireland.

Chartered Accountants Ireland offers different routes, which route you follow each year will determine the CPD requirement:

  • The input-based approach: This approach allows a member to establish a set amount of learning activity that is considered appropriate to develop and maintain competence. In this approach, members will need to complete 70 hours of CPD annually of which at least 20 hours must be structured CPD; the remainder, i.e. up to 50 of the 70 hours, maybe unstructured CPD.
  • The output-based approach: The key feature of output CPD is that completing a prescribed number of hours is not the requirement. It is showing that you have thought about your specific training needs and followed through on developing them. For many members, this is more relevant than attending courses that may or may not be relevant to your current role.
  • The combination approach: This approach requires a member to combine elements of the Input-based Approach and the Output–based Approach setting the amount of learning activity required and measuring the outcomes achieved.

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There is no minimum CPD ethics requirement for Chartered Accountants Ireland.

Structured CPD:

  • Courses, Conferences, Seminars, and Structured Discussion Meetings
  • Pre and Post Course reading
  • Interactive Multi-media Learning
  • Quality Review and other monitoring visits
  • In-house training by a training organization or the Institute's practice consulting team or another competent individual. 
  • Research and Lecture Preparation

Unstructured CPD:

  • Individual Home Study
  • Network and Focus Groups
  • Reading.

The Chartered Accountants Ireland license renewal period ends on 31st March.

A CPD reporting cycle for Chartered Accountants Ireland is from January 1 to December 31 annually.

CLICK HERE to access FAQs on CPD Requirements and Regulations for the Chartered Accountants Ireland.

Following are the qualifying subject areas:

  • Finance
  • Financial Accounting 
  • Management Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Auditing and Assurance 
  • Financial Reporting
  • Advisory

Yes, only for a structured input-based approach. If you work in practice you will need to achieve a minimum of 10 hours of structured CPD in each service area in which you practice.

  • Audit/Accounting
  • Investment Business
  • Insolvency Practice
  • Tax.

Structured qualifying learning activities for the Input based approach:

  • Participation in courses, conferences, seminars
  • Self-learning modules or organized on-the-job training for new software, systems, procedures, or techniques for application in a professional role
  • Published professional or academic writing
  • Participation and work on technical or other relevant committees
  • Teaching a course or CPD session in an area related to professional responsibilities
  • Formal study related to professional responsibilities
  • Participation as a speaker in conferences, briefing sessions, or discussion groups
  • Writing articles, papers, books relevant to your professional activities
  • Research, including reading professional literature or journals, for application in a professional role
  • Formal presentations made at network and focus groups
  • Professional re-examination or formal testing

Unstructured qualifying learning activities for the Input-based approach:

  • Individual Home Study
  • Network and Focus Groups:
  • Reading

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Members are responsible for maintaining their CPD records. This record of CPD may be in any format. Whatever method they choose must remember to keep records for 5 years and must be able to provide the records required by the Board to enable it to monitor the compliance with Regulations.

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The cost of license renewal for Chartered Accountant Ireland is country-specific. An annual membership fee for Republic of Ireland members is €594.

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Yes, only for input-based approach ¬CPD requirements can be averaged over three years but you must undertake at least 20 hours of structured or unstructured CPD each year.

The Institute is committed to ensuring the CPD system will operate effectively and in the public interest. Therefore the Institute will ensure that, when necessary, appropriate action is taken to ensure compliance with the CPD Regulations. Steps will be taken where members do not comply with the CPD Regulations. Initial steps taken to address non-compliance are likely to focus on bringing members into compliance within a reasonable time frame.

MyCPE provides courses that are approved for continuing personal development. Based on the guidelines issued by IAASA Continuing Professional Development Requirements we recommend the programs/ webinars to be suitable for the qualification. However, it will be the responsibility of each attendee to ensure that they are eligible for CPD credits based on their occupation/ job profile, knowledge requirements as well as guidelines laid down by their regulatory board before registering for the webinars.


Approved By
National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) 143597
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) GEHNZ
California Tax Education Council (CTEC) 6273
Certified Financial Planner Board (CFP) 8061
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) RP5359
Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) 714694
FP Canada CE17222
American Payroll Association (APA) 372961
Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA) 010556
Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) 158002756
New York State Board of Public Accountancy (NYSPA) 002976
Courses Eligible for CPE of Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) Approved
Courses Eligible for CPE of Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA) Approved
Institute of Finance and Management (IOFM) Approved
Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Approved
Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) Approved