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Revisiting State and Local Payroll and Employment Taxes in Light of COVID-19

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Jason Dinesen, EA, LPA

Dinesen Tax & Accounting, P.C.

Friday, July 17, 2020 | 10:00 AM EDT

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Course Description

It is becoming even more imperative to review the implications of state and local payroll taxes as workforces of businesses across the nation transition into remote employment arrangements as a result of COVID-19. Generally speaking, there are a number of state tax issues that should be considered with respect to telecommuting employees. This includes income tax nexus (i.e., filing requirement), sales/use tax nexus, income tax apportionment (i.e., Cost of Performance sourcing and/or Payroll Factor rules), in addition to employment tax wage sourcing, for withholding payroll tax purposes.

While most states source employee wages for payroll withholding purposes to the state where the employee performs the services, there are certain states with enacted laws that require non-resident wages to be sourced to the office of the state where the employee is assigned. The wages of an employee may result in a tax withholding requirement in the office state, regardless if the employee is telecommuting from home and working in another state.

This course will cover various aspects related to state taxes in light of COVID-19. Topics which will be covered are : 

  • Nexus issues relating to employees telecommuting from home
  • Possibilities of taxes in another state; 
  • What states are doing regarding audits and other examinations
  • Pitfalls to watch
  • Sampling of guidance released by states.

Learning Objectives

  • To recall what is nexus for withholding or income tax purposes?
  • To identify situations where telecommuting create nexus in the state the employee works from home in
  • To identify various pitfalls to advise your clients to be careful of.
  • To identify sources to check for state guidance
  • To recognize how states are changing their audit and examination procedures

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I thouroughly enjoyed your presentation today.. I enjoy hearing updates to the employement tax subject. I was part of a group that conducted employment tax interviews wtih various busineeses in the early 1990's. It eventually dissolved but enjoyed hearing some of the updates to the program


Great presentation. A lot f information squeezed into an hour. Of course with such in depth information, more time is needed to go over it all. It's hard not to want ot get everything out before the time ends. Nevertheless awesomely packed presentation and very knowledgeable presenters


I appreciated Jason's extensive knowledge and passion about the subject. He made the training exciting and easy to understand. I really liked how he answered questions during the polling questions. It was a nice flow between the material and real world application.


To up your game and get into full representation, 941's are an obvious start. Great pointers on how to get in the game and remain viable. Jason always provides current tax & legal updates & tips for handling clients' cases.


Have a small practice and have only been involved in a few cases, but will consider adding this service to my practice. Thank you for the excellent presentation and topic, Very informative. Mr Dinesen presented the material very clearly and is an excellent speaker


An excellent, detailed presentation by Jason that covered the topic in depth. Although I do not currently do returns with Sch H, I have in the past. I picked up a lot of valuable information should I need to do a Sch H in the future, or advise a client on this topic. Well Done!