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Professional Ethics Workplace Behaviors, Biases, Aggression

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  • What is Work Place Ethics
    5 mins
  • Foul Language / Verbal Harrassment
    17 mins
  • Workplace Corruption
    32 mins
  • Sexual favors in return for Job/Promotion
    53 mins
  • Implicit Bias a form of Discrimination
    71 mins
  • How is Micro-Aggression Harmful
    92 mins
  • Dealing with Unethical Behaviour
    118 mins

Course Description

The best leaders and organizations aren’t just diverse—they are intentionally free of bias. It is important to be aware of how biases can affect individuals’ behavior. While there are laws and regulations designed to protect against explicit and extreme bias (e.g., not hiring someone because of their race, gender, ability, or age), there are also instances when seemingly “small” things individuals say or do in the workplace can leave a long-lasting impression in employees’ minds.

Top organizations intentionally and systematically define a diverse and bias-free work environment and culture. Specifically, nowadays when businesses have special external as well as internal pressure to create a workplace culture that is sensitive, open to all, welcoming, responsive, and free from any bias, nepotism, favoritism, harassment, verbal assault, or any other unethical behavioral issues.

All leaders are responsible to identify and rectify wrong behavioral issues related to ethics, problems caused by work place implicit and explicit biases, and micro-aggression.

This online continuing education course will identify ethical issues that are present in the workplace at the employee and management level and discusses how to address them. It will teach organizations/ leaders to devise strategies that drive high value out of their organizations through a positive work environment & employee engagement.

Key topics covered in this online CPE/CPD webinar:

  • What is workplace ethics?
  • How is work ethics applied on an individual
  • Different kind of unprofessional behaviors
  • Different kind of unethical behaviors by employers/management
  • Explicit bias, Implicit bias, and micro aggression
  • Best practices for developing professional workplace ethics

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Learning Objectives

  • To recognize unethical behaviors in employees and employers.
  • To deal with unethical behaviors & learn what measure to take in an organization.
  • To identify and understand what implicit biases within an organization is and how to deal with it.
  • To discuss the term micro aggression and identify and recognize hidden micro-aggression at workplace.
  • To identify resources to discover how to become an expert-level corporate ally that champions professional ethics.

Who Should Attend?