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The New Tax Credit Bonanza And Many Real Estate Tax Benefits: Act Now Before They End

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Jamie Pope

Addicus Family Office

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Published: June, 2021

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  • 2021 Tax Refund Bonanza for all Business
    2 mins
  • 2021 Tax Refund Bonanza for all Business Including PPP Recipients
    11 mins
  • Planning for a 39.6% Rate
    27 mins
  • Capital Gains
    29 mins
  • What is Cost Segregation?
    37 mins

Course Description

Deadlines are approaching for The New Tax Credit Bonanza and many Real Estate Tax benefits, act now before they end.

The Tax Credit Bonanza has been a huge success, but there remain thousands of companies who have not applied and deadlines are approaching. Often, qualification is complicated and expert help is needed in order to grab hundreds of thousands of dollars for your business clients.

In this online webinar on taxes, we will learn that the Employee Retention Credit is available for many businesses which may have looked at the qualifications and thought they were not eligible. They are wrong. While not everyone is a good candidate, many businesses can be qualified with the right guidance provided their circumstances can be identified, well documented, and applied in the appropriate manner.

In this online CPE webinar, we will learn that the Restaurant Revitalization Fund is rapidly approaching the dollar cap set for grants. There remains time but these applications must be submitted now, not in a few weeks, if your clients have any hope of receiving a portion of the $26.3 billion allowed for the fund. 

Many tax deductions may still be harvested for the 2020 tax year for those who own investment real estate. In fact, some benefits available today may be gone in the new tax reform. Claim these now or lose them forever. We cover multiple case studies giving real-life examples of companies and identifying the unique circumstances which qualify them for these credits.

Accelerated depreciation and new rules on the Tangible Property Regulations can help clients create net operating losses today, and use the temporary benefits available in the 2020 tax year to receive potential tax refunds for up to the past 5 years.

We will cover the most important of these tax changes so you will be prepared to answer client’s questions and tax plans for many in 2021.

This free online CPE webinar covers the following key topics:

  • How to not leave your clients out of this tremendous opportunity to receive potential six-figure tax refunds or outright grants to help in economic recovery.
  • How many deductions for owners of investment real estate may still be claimed for the tax year 2020, and if not harvested now will be lost forever in the coming tax reform.
  • Tax refunds from the past 5 years are still available to some clients involved with investment real estate but we must act now.
  • Accelerated depreciation and new rules
  • How bonus depreciation should be claimed today in order to not lose tomorrow.
  • How using many of these depreciation benefits may help some clients qualify for the 20% pass-through deduction.
  • How bonus depreciation should be claimed today in order to not lose tomorrow. 
  • How using many of these depreciation benefits may help some clients qualify for the 20% pass-through deduction.

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Learning Objectives

  • To describe the basics of both the Restaurant Revitalization Fund and the Employee Retention Credits.
  • To assess why many believe they are not eligible to participate but may well qualify with the proper menthes providing both a quantitative and qualitative approach.
  • To discuss the basis of these methods and why they are critical to follow.
  • To Discover how companies are qualified but are not aware of their qualification.
  • To evaluate why our quantitative and qualitative approach works.

Who Should Attend?

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