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Allison McLeod

Allison McLeod, Doc. of Law

  • Speaker Review Rating 4.6 / 5
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About Speaker

Allison M. (Yee) McLeod, LL.M., JD, CPA, is currently a full-time Senior Lecturer at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. She has also taught at the UNT College of Law as an adjunct law professor. Prior to her career in academia, Professor McLeod spent 18 in industry, working for a Big 4 accounting firm. a major retailer and an international cement company. In addition to her academic duties, Professor McLeod has had the privilege of teaching ethics to Texas CPAs across the State since 2011 and regularly serves as an expert witness on accounting malpractice cases. She is the owner of, which provides ethics CPE courses online for CPAs nation-wide. She occasionally serves as an expert witness in accounting malpractice cases.

Area of Expertise

  • Taxation
  • Ethics

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  • 4.6

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Judith Felipe, CPA (US)

Apr 29th 2020

I am so appreciative of myCPE for providing these webinars. Not only do they bring in instructors which are the best in their field, but also at a low or sometimes no cost. I've recently lost a job opportunity due to Coronavirus and am tight on funds, however, need to earn CPE to maintain my CPA license so these webinars have been extremely convenient and not to mention great for the community with their 1 credit = 1 meal program. Brilliant work myCPE!


Christine Burga, CPA (US)

Oct 14th 2020

This is my 4th CPE course as I recently discovered you. I was skeptical to take a 4-hour ethics class, but as I stated above, she made all the stories relatable and relevant and, although I tried to multitask, I would catch myself wishing I could rewind to replay parts of the stories. Great class. The 4 hours flew by, and she was very mindful of our time. Thank you so much.


kym Dinehart, CPA (US)

Jan 15th 2021

Presenter was dynamic and the fact that it started 6:30AM PST, woke me up with her stories and got my engagement from the first story. Best Ethics course I have ever attended. Thanks for helping me meet my CPE requirements, sharing the stories of these companies, and reminding us of our stewardship and social responsibilities in the profession we have chosen.


George Holowko, CPA (US)

Dec 11th 2020

Unless interested in psychology, sociology or spirituality, presenting ethics could be, and often is, can be considered very dull. Either one is reared with and has ethics or they don't, but, in either case, the presenter did an amazing job of keeping the session moving forward. Excellent! do not have ethics as part of your soul,


Chappell Chancey, CPA (US)

Jun 3rd 2020

This was one of the best CPE webinars I've ever done. The instructor was outstanding, keeping my interest for all 3.5 hours. Her selection of case studies and her ability to relate them to our ethical standards was remarkable. I truly enjoyed this CPE session, which is something I may have said 3-4 times in my entire career.


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