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Dean Batson

Dean Batson

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About Speaker

Crafting and nurturing relationships that impact the organizations and community I serve is the core of my passion and efforts. These relationships are my colleagues, staff, vendors, partnerships, stakeholders, students, alumni, friends, and community members.

I am a champion for persuasive communication, efforts you can measure, and communicating stories through compelling anecdotes.

For over two decades, including agency and primary perspectives, I have successfully spearheaded the strategic and tactical identification, planning, development, and implementation of marketing and communication efforts and partnership growth for various organizations. These organizations range from non-profit to corporate and include industries such as higher education, delivery logistics, technology, gaming, auctions, automotive, agriculture, journalism, public relations, and more.

My education includes an undergraduate degree in English, a Master's in Communication 2021, and additional professional development efforts and achievements, that include big data and social physics, online teaching, designing and implementing project-based learning and more.

Area of Expertise

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  • 3.5

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Very Good









Mark Bower, CPA (US)

May 29th 2021

ok, he had some good ideas


Linda Nash,, CPA (US)

Feb 15th 2022

Overall experience was positive. Good topic and information. Presentation skills of presenter we’re not as professional as expected.

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