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Hugh Massie

Hugh Massie


About Speaker

I am a “reformed accountant” who self-empowers people globally with identity and money clarity for unleashing behavior and money energy so they can stress less, do more and be well.

Since 2001, I have been the Executive Chairman of DNA Behavior which I founded as “The Behavior and Money Insights Company”.

With my “understanding people before numbers” approach, I guide people to discover their unique identity and relationship to money using a combination of behavior and money insights. In adopting this approach my belief is misfortune can be avoided if the exercise of intuition is delayed until it has been enhanced with cognitive reflection of the hard behavioral and financial data.

In the process, I also help people discover how unknown behaviors which intensify through unmanaged differences, money attitudes, pressure and emotions can reduce energy thereby derailing decisions, performance and relationships. For organizational decisions, I focus on measuring and managing the inherent behavioral diversity and variability, which naturally comes from the many invisible human behavioral differences.

My real-world practical applications of behavior and money insights gives me the unique capability to design a variety of universally applicable apps which enable the customization of experiences on a mass scale basis. The apps have been designed in the areas of wealth management, human capital, communication, family succession, planned giving, marketing and a variety of life situations.

With my ability to integrate behavior and money insights combined with my strong financial experience, I am a catalyst for quickly connecting the unconnected enabling the acceleration of dramatic change while aligning results, relationships and meaning on a sustainable basis. This enables me to be very well equipped to serve as a corporate strategist, facilitator, coach, mentor, trainer, board member, keynote speaker and author.

My writings include, "Leadership Behavior DNA, Discovering Your Natural Talents and Managing Differences", with co-author Lee Ellis. We’re proud it won two awards in the 2020-2021 Reviewer's Choice Awards: A Gold Award in the Self-Help category & a Silver Award in the Business/Sales/Economics category. My previous book is “Financial DNA – Discovering Your Unique Financial Personality for a Quality Life.” I have written or contributed to many other publications and presented extensively as a keynote speaker about identity, managing behavioral insights and building an enhanced relationship to money.

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