myCPE’s MEALionaire Program

Become a myCPE MEALionaire and Make a Bigger Impact through ‘1 Credit = 1 Meal.’

What is myCPE MEALionaire Program?

The myCPE MEALionaire Program is an ambassador/volunteer program for people who want to fight against the prevailing malnutrition by becoming a part of myCPE’s path-breaking social initiative ‘1 Credit = 1 Meal.’ Under this initiative, we at myCPE, have pledged to donate one meal to an underprivileged with each credit a professional earns on our platform.

myCPE recognizes the ambassadors who contribute their time, knowledge, and resources to raise awareness about our social initiative ‘1 Credit = 1 Meal.’ We proudly call them ‘MEALionaires.’

Our Mealionaires share interest in the idea of giving meaningful education. We are proud to have such wonderful people in our user community.

Why Join myCPE’s MEALionaire Program?

Despite all our technological and infrastructural advances, it’s a sad truth about our world that one in every nine people doesn’t have enough food for themselves. myCPE was established with the idea of fighting against this and we want to raise a million smiles by the end of 2020.

However, it takes many people to make a positive impact in the society. It takes people like you: honest voices from the community, influencers, and experts; all coming together like the pieces of a puzzle. The myCPE MEALionaire Program was created to bring all the members of the accounting community together, to promote the cause behind of ‘1 Credit = 1 Meal’ to and make an impact in the fight against Malnutrition in Africa, Asia and America, by means of educating accounting, finance and tax professionals.

Benefits of Becoming a MEALionaire

Free Access to Premium Content on myCPE

Host 1 Free Webinar on myCPE

Complimentary MEALionaire T-Shirt