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Monthly Tax Update - September 2021

  • Federal Developments in individual and Businesses Tax Laws


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Live Conference

Sep 30th, 2021

Monthly Tax Update - September 2021

This program is designed to bring in the one-hour monthly segment of the latest tax developments.  Approximately one-half of the program is devoted to Individual tax Updates, and the remaining time is spent on Business Tax Updates.

Join tax experts Jason Dinesen and Nick Preusch, CPA as they emphasize the updates most relevant to individuals and small businesses. Tax professionals, CPAs, Practitioners can be overwhelmed with new tax information since it is often difficult to determine what is important and why it is important. If you attend the Monthly Tax Update, Jason Dinesen and Nick Preusch will bring you up to date every month with the information you need to keep current.

Ask an Expert: In the later part of the session the floor would be open for Q & A and you may feel free to ask questions to the experts. Considering the 1 hr time limitation, presenters will make their best effort to cover maximum details and answer all the questions raised by attendees.

Typically this Tax Update program would try to cover:

  • New Legislative Developments
  • Case law developments
  • New IRS guidance and clarifications
  • Recent rulings
  • Practice and procedure updates and issues

This virtual CE/CPE workshop will cover federal developments and issues, as well as key state and multistate changes likely to have a broad impact.

Continuing Education Credits

The sessions of the conference qualifies for

  • 1 General Credit for all Accountant
  • 1 CE Credit for all AFSP
  • 1 CPE Credit of Taxes for CPA (US)
  • 1 CE Credit for all EA
  • 1 CE Credit for all ORTP
  • 1 Credit for all
  • 1 CE Credit for all MRTP
  • 1 CE Credit for all CFIRS
  • 1 CE Credit for all CWS

Jason Dinesen


Nicholas Preusch


Sep 30th, 2021


03:00 PM – 04:00 PM
1 Credit

Individual & Business Tax Updates

This Session would cover the latest Individual & Business Tax Updates and Related Developments like:

  • Understanding New Legislative Developments as they occur. 
  • Planning implications with respect to new tax developments.
  • New court rulings
  • Practice and procedure updates and issues
  • New IRS guidance and clarifications
  • Recent rulings
  • Understand and apply new legislative, regulatory, and case law tax law developments 

Updated each month and presented at a high level, the information in this workshop is designed to keep you informed about the developments that are most likely to affect your business. Due to the changing nature of the topics, learning objectives, course descriptions and program content will vary and will be provided in more specificity closer to presentation time. This course will provide a concise look at the hottest topics affecting every tax practitioner. By the end of this workshop, you should be able to identify the month’s tax developments affecting taxpayers and analyze how the month’s developments affect your client(s).

Learning Objectives

  • To discuss key developments in tax legislation, litigation, regulations and rulings.
  • To inspect the changes in Federal as well as State Tax Law with live examples
  • To develop strategies and approaches considering latest changes in Tax laws and regulations
  • 1 General credit of for all Accountant
  • 1 CE credit of for all AFSP
  • 1 CPE credit of Taxes for all CPA (US)
  • 1 CE credit of for all EA ( Course No. GEHNZ-U-00631-21-O )
  • 1 CE credit of for all ORTP ( Course No. GEHNZ-U-00631-21-O )
  • 1 credit of for all ( Course No. 6273-CE-0605 )
  • 1 CE credit of for all MRTP ( Course No. GEHNZ-U-00631-21-O )
  • 1 CE credit of for all CFIRS
  • 1 CE credit of for all CWS

Subject Area:


Course Level:


Instuctional Method:

Group Internet Based


Advance Preparation:

Jason Dinesen is the President of Dinesen Tax & Accounting, P.C., a public accounting firm in Indianola, Iowa. His practice focuses on accounting and bookkeeping services, tax preparation and business advising to individuals with a business focus ranging from home-based businesses to multistate corporations and not-for-profits. Dinesen has extensive experience working with a third-party administrator of retirement plans and is a prior presenter of multiple 1099 seminars. Dinesen majored in corporate communications with a minor in management from Simpson College.

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Nicholas has worked with the Internal Revenue Service as a Revenue Agent and an Attorney with the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility. Nicholas has authored publications for the AICPA’s Journal of Accountancy, AICPA’s Tax Advisor, NATP’s Tax Pro Journal, and CCH’s Journal of Tax Practice and Procedure. He also co-authored a textbook, Tax Preparer Penalties and Circular 230 Enforcement, published by Thomson Reuters. Nicholas has been recognized as the Top 5 Under 35 CPAs in Virginia, and is a member of the  AICPA’s Tax Executive Committee. Nicholas is an adjunct professor at the University of Mary Washington. He is a graduate of Carthage College, University of Connecticut (M.S. in Accounting), Case Western Reserve University School of Law (J.D.), and Georgetown University (LLM in Taxation).

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Ratings and Reviews


75 Ratings



Very Good









KIMBERLY REHMEYER, Managing Director

Aug 26th, 2021

a lot of time on the topic of ERC which is boring


Paula Crismond, Advisor

Jul 30th, 2021

I know that an hour is not long enough to cover all of the new tax law changes, however, I really appreciate the information being broken down into smaller increments of time. It makes it easier to fit in to my busy schedule, and allows me to absorb the information better. Thank you!


kathryn ayre,

Jul 29th, 2021

I will definitely be joining next month.


Janet Turco, Tax Manager

Jul 29th, 2021

It was very informative.


Francene Honea, Partner

Jul 30th, 2021

My CPE is a wonderful way to stay up to date with all the fast happening tax law changes.


Janet Turco, Tax Manager

Aug 26th, 2021

I don't prepare 941's



Aug 26th, 2021

It was good


Keith Knabe, Owner

Dec 30th, 2021

Rapid fire, but lots of great timely info provided that I needed to know before tax season starts.


kathryn ayre, Owner

May 2nd, 2022

These webinars were included in the Unlimited CEC but now they aren't. Part of the reason I purchased the package was because I really like the Monthly Updates. Now I get charged because you decide to call them Virtual. I would have just paid for the updates and not the package. This is a bad practice. I am not updating with this organization

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