Can Virtual CPE be Better than In-Person CPE?

As the world steps closer to digitization each passing day, virtual continuing education courses continue to gain global popularity. Right from academic classes to social interactions, a significant proportion of our activities have embraced virtual platforms. Simultaneously, when it comes to knowledge acquisition, there are plenty of reasons to bank on these virtual channels.

Many people would still opt for office meetings to carry out professional development. However, do you know why successful accounting, tax, finance or any other professional attend continuing education courses/webinars online? Operating remotely brings you a plethora of benefits that might not have clicked in your mind!

Let’s explore why virtual CPEs can be better than in-person ones.

Advantages of attending virtual CPEs over in-person CPEs

 1. Enjoy a greater flexibility

In case you are a CPA, attending CPE online courses can be flexible! Particularly, when you consider your study formats and timing, the arrangement turns out to be a better choice.

The reputed platforms offer relevant study materials, which you can access at any time of your convenience. Besides, you have free CPA CPE webinars. In case you miss out on one of these programs, you can gain access to their recordings. Apart from this, there are live programs to participate, engage with, and learn. With the online platforms ready to assist accountants in streamlining their profiles, you would enjoy the freedom to choose your time slots to learn. Accordingly, you can get your course schedule organized.

One of the prime benefits is the flexibility to choose your location. Regardless of where you are, you can attend these programs

2. Greater participation of professionals

With free CPE webinars available, accountants can benefit from the participation of a greater number of professionals. This encourages interactivity and networking with their peers and established professionals. On the other hand, when you attend an in-person meeting, you get to know just a few people from different countries' locations. With travel constraints becoming an issue after the pandemic, it is logical to attend the virtual CPEs.

The attendees, therefore, gain access to new knowledge resources, which they can share with their co-workers. Another aspect to note, virtual meetings for professional learning involve a minimal cost. However, employees get the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge.

3. Learn at your own pace

Attending CPE webinars offers you the liberty to acquire professional knowledge at your own pace. On reputed platforms, you can get access to pre-recorded classes. Eventually, you can relax and take your time without facing the hurry of slowing down other learners' progress. In other words, the courses are flexible, and you need not keep pace with others.

Besides, there might be certain materials that you need time to understand. Unlike traditional lectures, you get more time to absorb the knowledge. Whenever necessary, you can quickly rewind the recordings and have a look at the materials.

4. Increased selection of courses

The range of courses and CPE free webinars available online makes virtual channels a better option for accountants. Depending on your position in the learning curve, you can choose the courses. Considering the diversity, it would be rational to attend virtual classes.

The lack of resources in real-world meetings is the prime element, leading to various constraints. Besides, the best platforms streamline the courses, bestowing the learners to choose the relevant program.

Presently, many accountants keep wondering, "Where can I find my free CPE?”. Well, you should note that the leading platforms for virtual learning understand the requirements of dynamic professionals. From time to time, you can find these websites rolling out highly relevant CPE courses. 

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