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Want to sell your courses online: A guide to use facebook

Allen Smith, CPA
  • October 11, 2021 07:06 PM EST

Are you looking for a great platform to sell online courses? No matter how good your content is, you will not generate revenues if it is not promoted correctly. Today, in the age of social networking, you must not worry about popularizing your product. However, you must know the tactics to present your brand compellingly.

Facebook is the treasure chest when it comes to selling products online. Every day, billions of customers are waiting to check the new entrants in the market. Therefore, after having created hundreds of posts of facebook that have brought users to us, we can say this with experience, you must be creative in displaying the services you are providing.

If you are selling an online course, this is the best place to be at. We are providing innovative guidance to make the process smoother. The quick tips for the online CPE courses are the primary focus of today's discussion. Read every line to gather knowledge about the process and get motivated eventually.

Steps that can help Selling Online Courses to optimum

Here are some of the simplified rules to make you prosper through Facebook selling strategies.

  • Creation Of A Business Page
  • While having a facebook account is necessary, the first thing to be done before anything else is to create a facebook business page. Choose a name that matches your course profile. It will strengthen your professional presence on the social platform. You must be specific about the types of courses and the learners who would benefit from them. Ensure that all the information and links mentioned here are relatable to the topic. Add a brief introduction about the focus of your program that should also contain targeted keywords. Once the wheel is rolling, it is a matter of only a few days before your courses will have a wide range of audience.

  • Post consistently
  • While creating a business page is important, it alone does not get the reach unless there are engaging posts on the page. The audience always looks for the value that your posts could add to them. The more consistently you post, more the chances that they will get regular engagement and that will bring you even more followers. This is how Facebook's algorithm works, promoting the content that more people like will be displayed to more such people. But remember, people would choose quality over quantity.

  • Regular Interaction
  • Several course creators promote their courses but never bother to answer the queries. Needless to say, it creates doubts in the audience’s minds and you start losing prospects right then. To avoid such situations, be alert about the messages from different viewers.

    Frequent interaction will help you understand their needs and what they expect from your course. This also boosts their confidence and patronage given that a thought leader himself/herself took time to reply to their queries. Try to analyze this feedback and make the necessary improvements in the course design. It will be better to launch some innovative techniques to make the students understand the concepts in a fun-loving way.

  • Create Facebook Groups
  • The demand for Facebook Groups or Communities is high in comparison to the pages. People tend to join facebook groups on the basis of their interests. It won’t take long before many people join yours and since they have a similar interest, therefore it will be much easier to pick ideas and feedback and also identify your warm leads from there. Give your group an appealing name with titles related to your program and which can be shown easily when searched on facebook.

  • Come Live Often
  • Today, you can have the greatest impact through Facebook Live for online courses like teaching CPA online. Come live frequently as it will have the same impact, just like the face-to-face sessions.

  • Run Facebook Ads
  • Out of so many exciting features, posting ads on Facebook is the most powerful and effective option. To maximize the traffic, ensure that you keep on posting ads about your course. In addition, promote special offers and discounts for the online courses. Just a few hours will be enough to make your reach go up promisingly. You can utilize three different strategies for giving ads on Facebook.

    (a) Traffic Campaign: This is the way to influence even the coldest audience. Hence, you can keep this on the top. For driving more audience, you can upload some attractive videos. It has been observed that videos are more powerful than any other form of content. Do not forget to add the call to action for contacting you.

    (b) Lead Magnet: Only the first video ad can influence hundreds of customers to visit your landing page. However, the conversion rate may not be considerable. So, you must take benefits of the lead magnet campaign. The video testimonials in the middle of the funnel campaigning can be very appealing. If you are a newbie, retarget the audience by promoting new offers, like free online classes.

    (c) Purchase Campaign: At the bottom of your funnel campaign lies the purchasing one. Here, many of your cold leads are already warm or have decided to join your online CPA course. You can also specify timers over here. For example, you can say that your batch has limited seats and will be full soon.

Mistakes That You Must Avoid

  • Purchase Campaign On the Top: Do you prefer to have desserts before the starters? Of course, not. Then why will you forget the same in the case of funnel campaigns? The viewer must observe all the features of your institute and finally make the purchase decision. Hence, it must be the closing of your online deal.
  • Focus On Cold Audience: It is crucial to retarget the audience with the help of effective content, videos, and ads. No one will wish to purchase anything from a stranger. Therefore, build trust instead of focusing only on the cold audience.
  • Lack Of Proper Strategy: Success will not come if there is no proper strategy. Never start a campaign without formulating a strategy. Have clarity about your purpose for the campaign to get the desired response.


Prepare your budget and start with the Facebook page. The Ad campaign will not disappoint you and fulfill your wishes one by one. Let your page generate leads through the master tricks. Do everything to convert the audience into your prospective customers within a short period.

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Allen Smith, CPA

Learning Consultant

The Authors, Allen Smith is a Practicing Certified public accountant and senior vice president at myCPE – Continuing Education Platform for Professionals. He understands the current needs of the education domain and strategies for the presenters to adapt the new changes.

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