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Why Firms Need To Have Formal Process For Getting Staff The Right CPE?
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Why Firms Need To Have Formal Process For Getting Staff The Right CPE?

Imtiaz Munshi, CPA
Imtiaz Munshi, CPA
  • May 25, 2022 02:15 PM EST
  • | 5 mins read

Growth-oriented firms perform best when there is a state of growth among their employees. Dynamic organizations attract and retain professionals who can build their careers in ways that can grow from their work.

Investing in a comprehensive CPE strategy will enable your firm to retain and develop its most important resource: its people. Additionally, this will allow your team members to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for achieving your firm’s strategic goals. CPE training also benefits your firm's strengths and reduces knowledge breaches that adversely affect your practice.

Several firms are now adopting strategic work plans for their staff. In addition, they offer educational opportunities, such as:

  • Online training
  • Live webinars
  • Self-study courses
  • & CPE options

In addition to establishing work plans for employees, the firm determines which CPE options are appropriate. Therefore, your planning should be based on your goals, strengths, and weaknesses.

How To Plan Formal Processes For Getting Staff The Right CPE?

The proactive process is the perfect beginning! A fundamental component of implementing a comprehensive CPE strategy is setting up formal processes. Your firm will select the courses it wishes to participate in regularly through this process.

As a result, you will gain greater control over CPE investments. Not only this but also, you will get insights into the return you receive through education and professional development for your firm. 

Here are step-by-step processes that any firm can follow for getting their staff the right CPE training to improve the efficiency of your firm. Let's check out…

Determine The Goal And Objective Of Your Firm

The first step in developing a comprehensive CPE plan for your firm is - to identify your goals and objectives aligned with your firm's vision and strategy. We will suggest you think long term about the products and services and how you can deliver them. And, based on goals and objectives, make your choice of what skills set your professional needs. 


If you are any Financial advisor firm, the professionals working in your firm need courses that provide CPE credits for CFA, CFP, PFS, CSEP, etc., qualifications.   

Selection of CPE courses on the basis of goals and objectives helps your firm to acquire potent outcomes.

Map CPE Requirements With The Skill Gaps

Identify your firm's knowledge gaps and skills gaps and match CPE offerings to them. Then, as you make choices about the CPE you need for your team, you should keep these skills in mind once you have identified your firm's long-term requirements. Keeping in mind the CPE requirement with the skills gaps in your professional's needs, you can plan to purchase the right CPE courses for your staff. Hence, elevate the performance report of your firm with the expert knowledge of your staff.  

Prepare Specific Plans For Every Employee

Based on your firm's needs, design customized plans for each employee. It will be great to involve each and every team member in planning their professional development. Finally, utilize the opportunity to show your gratitude for their continuing learning contributions to the company.         

Unify The CPE Plan And Performance Management Process

Ensure that your CPE plan is unified with your performance management process. 

For example, the CPE plan should be incorporated into the annual performance appraisals of each employee as part of your strategy. In this way, they can see how attending CPE courses is conducive to success in their positions. This will also help them realize how much value they add to your business.

Plan Reporting Program Related To CPE 

After completing CPE, employees can present a brief educational session to their colleagues to share their knowledge and reinforce their learning. In addition, you will be able to ensure that the CPE is completed and is easily applied to your firm's mission.

So, after understanding the importance of CPE training to employees and the process of selecting the right CPE course, are you looking for the best CPE learning platform? 

Maximize your practice and your team's potential by utilizing this strategic approach to attend CPE courses. And for the CPE courses, myCPE is the most reliable choice for many professionals who want to attend professional training sessions and earn CPE credit. 

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2. Offer free live webinars and study materials. 

3. Attendees have options to pick the package that suits their profession, and the package also contains ethics courses. 

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5. You are going to attend courses with the subject matter experts, as we have 400+ subject matter experts on our platform.

6. Access to the mobile application, reviews, and ratings, and 24*7 client support is also available. 

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Imtiaz Munshi, CPA

Imtiaz Munshi, CPA


The author Imtiaz Munshi is a Certified Public Accountant and CFO at Azstec, LLC. He is Business Strategist, Tax Planner, Entrepreneur and Advisor to "HNEs" (High Net Worth Entrepreneurs).

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