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With financial technology or fintech, powering modern investing and asset management activities like never before, data analysis is one of the most important job-ready skills that can be honed across finance roles. Whether you aim to work in a back-office role like accounting, a middle office role such as risk management, or a front-office client-facing role like sales, fluency with financial analytics and statistical tools may be part of your job description.

Get Deeper Understanding of:
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

  • Budgeting, cost analysis, and control

  • Seamless integration of managerial methods

  • Effective Management Accounting Practice

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)

Recommended For:
  • CPAs, CVAs, CMAs, and CRMA who desire to help their clients streamline strategies to their plans and execution.

  • CPAs in Canada who want to help their clients achieve overall business success.

  • Any current or aspiring CXO Professionals who want to have a long and promising career in Data Analytics.

Why become a certified Financial Data Analytics Professional with myCPE ?

Resources included
  • Handout PDFs for every Module
  • Glossary/Key Terms for every module
  • Q&A directly with instructors
Career Opportunities
  • Forecasting & Predictive Analysis
  • Financial Risk Management & Analysis
  • Driver-based Budgeting
  • Management Accounting
  • Analytical Skills
  • Critical Thinking
Value Addition to your skills
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Business and Data analyst
  • Insurance Companies
  • Corporate Finances
  • Asset Valuations
  • Investments Banks


Module Name


Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard

2 Hours

  • To take a bird’s eye view of all of the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) methods
  • To explore designing a strategy map
  • To determine applying targets of KPIs for motivation and incentives
Gary Cokins

Advisor , Gary Cokins

Effective Management Accounting

2 Hours

  • To recognize the need of advanced management accounting techniques
  • To identify how to measure customer lifetime value (CLV) for retail customers
  • To compare ABC with Time-driven ABC, and Resource Consumption Accounting (RCA)
Gary Cokins

Advisor , Gary Cokins

Driver-based Budgeting and Rolling Financial Forecasts

2 Hours

  • To identify issues with budgeting
  • To recognize how to deal with resource capacity planning
  • To explore integrating Enterprise Risk Management with CPM
Gary Cokins

Advisor , Gary Cokins

Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA)

2 Hours

  • To explore reasons for increased interest in BI and BA
  • To recognize how BA provides a competitive advantage
  • To differentiate BI from BA
Gary Cokins

Advisor , Gary Cokins



Frequently Asked Questions

This course will cover how to apply Business Intelligence and Business Analytics to the Financial data, Corporate Performance Management(CPM), Budgeting & rolling Financial Statements and Effective Management Accounting Practices.

With the guidance from the speaker Gary Cokins who is an internationally recognized expert, speaker, and author in enterprise and corporate performance management improvement methods and business analytics, this course will help you to successfully apply corporate performance management and integrate business analytics into decision support systems.

Certificate course is created by a qualified and experienced instructor(s). myCPE Certificate Courses includes Self-study Courses. Most of the courses are in the form of On-demand Videos. The Self-study Video courses in Certificate courses may be Live recorded presentations converted into Self Study (On-Demand Videos).

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Course have minimum passing score of 70% in the final exam and you can take multiple attempts of the said exam.

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