It was the month of May 2020, a month where the complete world was going through fear of COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to stand against the fear and help the maximum people in our capacity. We had our teams held in lockdown and not able to deliver but we kept pushing our limits. We joined hands for those we saw suffering during this time and pulled together our accounting professionals who kept learning slowly and gradually. Day 1: we reached 150 meals, Day 2: we pushed and reached donation of 450 meals but kept moving and increasing our teams with increase in accounting professionals learning for our commitment to feed as many as we can. On this path, 1+1+1+... 100 plus team members and thousands of CPAs, EAs and Tax professionals joined and collectively we were able to get smiles for 15177 people. We aim high and we will keep doing that for every credit an accounting professionals earned with us. 1Credit1Meal. We will make Earth smile again