July has been quite a month for all of us at myCPE. Many new educators/presenters joined us with their expertise and experience, and they took our learning experience to another level. Thanks to the education taken by you on myCPE, we will donate more than 2600 meals. 

We at myCPE are very happy to share with you that our ‘1 Credit = 1 Meal’ initiative has got its first partner in form of Social Eye Foundation. We’re grateful for the team of Social Eye Foundation for believing in our vision and we’re sure that our synergy will help bring smiles on many faces in Asia. 

If you’re a New Yorker or even if you’re not, there’s a high possibility that you’ve heard of ‘Food Bank for New York City.’ The great news is that they’ve become a part of our ‘1 Credit = 1 Meal’ initiative. From now on, we’ll be contributing to their distribution drives on a monthly basis. And of course, we’ll be sharing with you! We’re proud to have been associated with Food Bank for New York City.

You’ve heard of Superman, you’ve heard of Ironman, you’ve heard of Batman…but have you heard of Mealman? Well, now you have. Mealman is a team of superheroes operating in the Indian subcontinent fighting malnutrition in the places where a single meal is a privilege. We’re proud to have been associated with Mealman.

Thanks to our partnership with Mealman Foundation, we just donated 2600 meals to underprivileged people. These smiles on the faces is the fuel that gives us motivation to do more and reach out to as many underprivileged people as possible.

If you’re a regular learner on myCPE, Doug doesn’t need any introduction, does he? Always energetic, always having a smile on his face, and always willing to extend his help, Doug has been one of our most appreciated educators since the very beginning. This is what he had to say: “As an educator, I really appreciate the efforts myCPE has been putting behind 1C1M initiative. It’s adding meaning to continuing education of thousands of people. Cheers to team myCPE!”

If the month of July was amazing, August has been quite spectacular. Thanks to your continuing education, we will be donating 6006 meals to fight against malnutrition and support the ones who need our helping hand.

What a month it was! With the kind of support you all have extended to 1C1M, we were expecting it to reach new heights in September but we’re happy to share with you that we were wrong! Your support was beyond expectations and as a result, we could raise 11300+ smiles in the month of September. All credit goes to you! 

At myCPE, our partners play a big role in reaching out to the people who need our love the most. We’re proud to be associated with 4 non-profits that help us reach out to underprivileged people. Thanks to support from Food Bank in New York, we could bring smiles on 500 faces.