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CMAs, CFMs and candidates who have completed the CMA and/or the CFM examination but have not yet met the experience requirement, are required to maintain their proficiency in the fields of management accounting and financial management. This includes knowledge of new concepts and techniques as well as their application in the management accounting and financial management professions. The objective is to maintain the professional competence of the individual and to enhance one's ability to perform job-related requirements.

MY-CPE LLC is approved by NASBA as well as IMA and it offers Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses for Certified Management Accountant (CMA). We are focused on providing quality continuing education to Certified Management Accountant (CMA) content that incorporates the qualified subject areas. Our NASBA-approved CPE courses are authored/reviewed by industry specialists and subject matter experts.  All our courses are designed in a way to ensure that courses meet your continuing education requirements.


CPE Requirements
30 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) every year
License Renewal Period
Renew CPE license by December 31st every year
CE Reporting Cycle
The reporting period begins on January 1 following successful completion of the examination.
Ethics Requirement
2 hours of Ethics
Carry Over Credits
If you have earned more than 20 hours of CPE in your previous reporting period, you may rollover up to 10 of these hours to meet your current CPE requirements. CPE earned prior to earning your CFE credential are not eligible for rollover. This includes any CPE earned from the CFE Exam Prep Course or the live CFE Exam Review Course.

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