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Chris Rivera

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Christopher Rivera is the Director of Client Relations at Entigrity Solutions LLC. He is an expert at leading and managing teams actively from the front. His expertise in sales, training, coaching, mentoring and influencing, combined with his competitive nature make him a strong leader. Chris has traveled through the length and width of the country and has spoken with more than five thousand CPAs, understanding their challenges and limitations in practice, workflow management, team building, recruitment & retention, etc. On these grounds, he can now easily provide well analyzed opinions and solutions that can be immensely helpful to the professionals. 
Chris has also represented Entigrity at a number of major accounting conferences and networking events, speaking to audiences, explaining the traits of offshore hiring and remote working. He is a frequent presenter of webinars on platforms like myCPE. Besides everything, Chris also hosts his very own series of live podcasts “Entigrity Live with Chris Rivera” where he interviews thoughts leaders from accounting domain and highlights their insights on the latest trends in accounting industry. 

Chris Specializes in: 
  • Remote Working & Offshore Staffing
  • Practice Management & Development
  • Adapting Cloud Accounting 
  • Effective Content Development & Marketing
Chris’ past expert presentations include:

  • Building approach to Accounting firms’ growth
  • Building >60% net margin client accounting services business
  • Advisory practice for accounting firms
  • New approach to ‘Work Less-Make More’ for CPA firms

Area of Expertise

  • Remote Working & Offshore staffing
  • Practice Management & Development
  • Marketing
  • Content Development

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Bursting myths around Offshoring for an Accounting firm
Bursting myths around Offshoring for an Accounting firm
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Pamellia Anthony, CPA (US)

Oct 9th 2020

I was able to access the handouts before the seminar and review the information. The class was long enough and was informative about virtual work. Good examples provided for the pros and cons of virtual work and hiring of offshore/outsourcing for your entity.


Regina Chico, CPA (US)

Dec 11th 2020

The class was good. I learned more about the oppurtunities of overseas help than I thought I would. But very eye opening to the possibilities.


Ashraf Abdallah, CPA (US)

Jul 17th 2020

Many thanks for for this useful platform aiming for enriching professional knowledge while fulfilling of social responsibility.



Jul 17th 2020

Very informative. I can now make better long term planning human resource decisions. I have a new option that will be invaluable.


Dennis Harabin, CPA (US)

Jul 28th 2021

you hope to leave these CPA courses with at least one thing that can translate to instant value to your firm. This provided many.

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