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Greg Schwem

Greg Schwem

  • Speaker Review Rating 4.5 / 5
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About Speaker

HuffPost recently called Greg Schwem “Your boss’s favorite comedian” while the Chicago Tribune referred to Greg as “king of the hill in the world of corporate comedy.”  Greg knows the business world can be funny and has spent the past 25 years making corporate audiences laugh. His clients include Microsoft, IBM, McDonald’s Southwest Airlines, the Society of Human Resource Managers  and The CIA (Yeah, THAT CIA!). Clients hire Greg because of his ability to heavily research his audiences and customize his material. This method shows audiences that Greg is not delivering a “canned” presentation but has taken the time to get to know company culture and find the humor within that culture.

When not traveling the country or doing virtual performances, Greg writes the nationally syndicated Humor Hotel column for the Chicago Tribune syndicate and is the host and creator of the streaming TV travel series, A Comedian Crashes Your Pad.

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