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Joyce Marter

Joyce Marter

  • Speaker Review Rating 4.6 / 5
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About Speaker

My professional mission is to share what I have learned from my clients and my own journey, in an effort to help more people create transformational change in their lives. I saw in my practice that clients began to earn more money as they made progress in therapy, regardless of their presenting issue. Our self-worth directly impacts how we put ourselves out in the world. When we are living in a way that is congruent with our deepest and highest self, and doing work that is aligned with our gifts and calling in the world, we can open the doors to greater prosperity and abundance.

I love sharing what I have learned in my book, The Financial Mindset Fix; a culmination of years of my work as a therapist, but also the result of my own personal journey towards an abundance mindset and manifesting transformative change. Innovative mindset-shifting activities, including self-assessment tools and insights that I’ve provided, shift the focus towards abundance. My readers learn how to release limiting habits and beliefs and open themselves to a world of financial security, confidence, and true prosperity.

Additionally, I have more than 20 years of experience in providing keynote addresses, motivational talks, corporate trainings, and continuing education workshops. I am a member of the National Speakers Association and have keynoted for the American Counseling Association, Mental Health America, and countless national behavioral health organizations. I have provided talks and trainings for Fortune 500 and global companies, business organizations, financial institutions, attorneys and mediators, professional associations, and universities.

Please let me know how I can be of service to you.

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