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Lucas LaChance

Lucas LaChance

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About Speaker

Lucas is a Texas Society of CPAs Rising Star Award-winning experienced auditor, director, board member, manager, and publisher with more than 15 years of leadership experience in external audit and internal audit with an emphasis on risk-based (COSO) audit approaches. His responsibilities include the oversight and management of a department of more than 30 professionals (budget monitoring, analysis metrics, recruiting/retention, coaching, mentoring); partnering with clients with assets in excess of $150MM+ to identify, analyze, and mitigate financial and industry risks to their strategic plan; planning and execution of multiple, large-scale, simultaneous projects; and development and implementation of numerous accounting and finance presentations to external clients, committees, and boards as well as to local, state, and national audiences about accounting industry developments.

Area of Expertise

  • Construction Services
  • Not-for-Profit Audits
  • A-133 Audits
  • Internal Controls Specialist

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Social Media that Kills: Fundraising Pitfalls for NFP Organizations
Social Media that Kills: Fundraising Pitfalls for NFP Organizations
  • Jul 07, 09:30 AM EDT
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  • CPA (CA)
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  • CPA (US)
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Thomas Bailey, CPA (US)

Dec 9th 2020

Great information and presentation. Appreciated the information on anticipated fall out of this new requirement (increase in costs of audits, possible loss of small/medium sized CPA firms handling nonprofits, and smaller nonprofits may not be able to afford same accounting services they currently have).


Debbie Childress, CPA (US)

Mar 23rd 2021

This is probably the best training that I have taken for a while. The slides were concise and to the point and Lucas was very knowledgable. Plus I liked the fact that he stated the answers to the polling questions. That is the first time that I have taken a myCPE class where the instructor talked about the polling questions. Great job!


Dawn Meredith, CPA (US)

Dec 14th 2020

Having worked for NFP for over 11 years, I found the presenter and this course extraordinary. Everyone involved with NFP's should take this course, Lucas expertly and effectively presented proper accounting and tax rules for reporting revenue and expenses for Non-Profit Organization Special Events.


Chris Giotis, CPA (US)

Dec 12th 2020

Webinar with great content related to nonprofit. Instructor with knowledge and experience in handling the subject. I have personally received information that helps to grow our expertise on this subject. Congratulations.


William D. Griffith III, CPA (US)

Dec 10th 2020

Lucas, You did an excellent job! The NFP world is getting more and more challenging. And as you know, unless the NFP has some economies of scale, this is going to be a huge challenge for them and rather costly. Disappointing to see another layer of administrative burden being put on our NFP's

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