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Paula Collins

Paula Collins

New York,NY

Cannabis Law & Tax Specialist | Trusts and Estates | Bankruptcy

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About Speaker

I take a personal interest in my clients and specialize in helping them find solutions to all of their business and individual needs. This means that my clients trust me on a wide range of legal and financial issues that affect their daily lives.

After an early career as a professional pianist, I began to do Tax Preparation for myself and my fellow musicians. This experience is one component of my ongoing practice of providing legal representation to individuals in contracts. I also saw the necessity of protecting assets through Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning.

In addition to my tax and legal expertise, I have ten years of experience as a Special Education Teacher with NYC Teaching Fellows. Because of this, I have seen firsthand the importance of providing legal representation for those with special needs. The problems faced by these individuals are not abstract concepts to me.

I am a graduate of Brooklyn Law School with a Certificate in Intellectual Property, Media, and Information Law. While in law school, I won the Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE) competition for  an app design to help Indie Filmmakers in developing contracts. Additionally, I won Regional Law School Mediation competition. This award alone is indicative of my ability to find solutions.

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  • 4.5

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Martin Herman, CPA (US)

Sep 6th 2022

I knew very little about Ca cannabis tax laws. This was an eye-opener. Even though I may never get involved with a cannabis related tax return, just having the knowledge this course provided gives makes me a better-informed tax preparer. Thank you, Paula Collins.


Jeffrey Beardsley, CPA (US)

Aug 5th 2022

Excellent presentation. Presenter was prepared and answered all questions even to the point of carrying on a discussion with the questioner. What impressed me most was that when she did not know the answer to a question, she said so.


Shaumi Casper, CPA (US)

Jun 29th 2022

So much information we need more seminars on Cannabis business aspects please and thank you. Very informative but I still feel it may be just the tip of the iceburg.


Eric McGaugh, CPA (US)

Aug 12th 2022

Very interesting and thorough perspective from an expert in an emerging field who has taken the time to learn the legal and financial side of the industry.


Andrea Daniel, CPA (US)

Aug 5th 2022

Paula explains things so clearly and effectively and with a sense of humor to keep it from being too "dry". This was very well done.


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