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Focus on the Core this Tax Season and Onwards! Accountants!



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Recorded On: Mar 21st, 2022

Live Conference

Sep 18th, 2022

Focus on the Core this Tax Season and Onwards! Accountants!

Tax season is the epitome of patience for any accounting and tax professional.

There are simply a lot of domains to focus on. Be it business management, process streamlining, client relations, or managing overall processes with deadlines. There are a lot of ways to ensure these tasks are managed correctly.

However, the key task to focus on here is delegation.

Delegation is an important tool to help free up time, allowing us to focus on the things we do best and that add the most value to the firm. Unfortunately, however, delegation is a tool that too infrequently makes it out of the toolbox.

In this online CPE virtual conference, speaker Shawn Parikh will share his expertise on how delegating the right task to the right professionals can make all the difference between the successful and challenging tax season.

With years of experience and expertise in the global competitive markets, Shawn has realized that the best way to achieve all the success you need in the tax season and beyond is by accepting the offshore model.

The success of offshoring as a delivery model has been established. The journey commenced with organizations relocating business processes, characterized by high-volumes, labor-intensity, and support functionality, to low-cost destinations. It is also driven by the need of organizations to focus on areas of core competency. Processes that did not significantly impact revenues, were lifted, re-engineered, and shifted to offshore centers, where “skilled” graduates delivered service.

With the help of this CPE virtual conference speaker, Shawn Parikh is going to draw attention to the idea of offshoring as the one promoting ease of business and implementing the process as a solution to manage your complex tasks.

Continuing Education Credits

The sessions of the conference qualifies for

  • 1 General Credit for all Accountant
  • 1 CPD Credit for all CPA (CA)
  • 1 CPE Credit for all CMA
  • 1 CPE Credit of Business Management and Organization for CPA (US)
  • 1 CE Credit for all CFIRS
  • 1 CE Credit for all CWS

Hubert McIntosh, CPA


Shawn Parikh


Sep 18th, 2022


09:00 AM – 10:00 AM
1 Credit

Focus on the Core this Tax Season and Onwards! Accountants!

Join this Virtual Course to bust the myths around offshoring that keep you from achieving your true business success!!

This Online CPE Virtual Conference covers the following key topics: 

  • The challenges of accountants: Tax season and beyond
  • The effective way to solve a business season challenge
  • Delegation: Challenges to achieving the required staff
  • Offshoring: Processes and implementation
  • Busting the myths around offshoring
  • Case study

Learning Objectives

  • To recognize the challenges of accountants
  • To identify the effective solution to solve the business challenge for accountants]
  • To develop delegation as the solution to accountant’s problems
  • To explore offshoring as the way to solve the accountant’s tasks
  • To recognize these ideas in the light of case studies.
  • 1 General credit of for all Accountant
  • 1 CPD credit of for all CPA (CA)
  • 1 CPE credit of for all CMA
  • 1 CPE credit of Business Management and Organization for all CPA (US)
  • 1 CE credit of for all CFIRS
  • 1 CE credit of for all CWS

Subject Area:

Business Management and Organization

Course Level:


Instuctional Method:

Group Internet Based


Advance Preparation:

Shawn Parikh is the Chairman and Founder of Entigrity Solutions LLC. With over 15+ years of experience, he spearheaded the company operations, forging the foundations of Entigrity that work closely and exclusively with the accounting community.  Shawn’s strategic vision and leadership lead to the expansion and diversification of Entigrity in several areas over the years. Shawn understood numerous staffing-related challenges plaguing the accounting community. It is by that virtue that today Entigrity is serving 500+ accounting firms across North America.

Shawn is a Chartered Accountant by qualification, who began his career as a financial advisor in Insurance, Mutual Funds, and Retirement Plans. Shawn undertook public practice, serving small and Mid-size businesses, providing them with consulting and advisory services. Over time, he has provided consultation to 3000+ accountants and helped them convert some of their core challenges into opportunities.

His specialization areas include: 

  • Remote Working & Offshore Hiring for Accounting firms
  • Practice Management & Development
  • LinkedIn Marketing for Accountants
  • Accounting Technology

Shawn is known for his expert opinions on 

  • Build a 60% net margin Client Accounting Service Business
  • CAS & Advisory Practice services for accounting firms
  • Accountants need to think like Entrepreneurs
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He helps medical professionals, small-business owners, investors, entrepreneurs, and working families manage and protect their assets, via carefully guided tax plans and tax saving advice using the Internal Revenue Code.

Published by FORBES Books, SMART Retirement stands for the Strategic Movement Around Retirement Taxation®️. The book lays out how there is a political window of opportunity for more Americans to benefit from strategies to save taxes now and in the future through SMART tax diversification strategies as permitted by the tax code.

▶ Request your copy of the SMART book: contact the office or email me at hubert@mcintoshfinancialgroup.com.

All information presented on this page is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as investment or tax advice. For such advice, consult a financial or tax professional.

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