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myCPE Financial Planners Virtual Summit 2022


Total Credits


Available in Self Study

Recorded On: Jul 15th, 2022

Live Conference

May 30th, 2022

myCPE Financial Planners Virtual Summit 2022

A financial planner helps clients meet their current money needs and long-term financial goals. They use a structured process to guide clients toward prudent financial decisions to maximize their potential for meeting life goals.

Using their knowledge of personal finance, taxes, budgeting, and investments—combined with analytical tools and data that can illustrate potential outcomes—financial planners make recommendations, which help clients make informed decisions. Financial planners may offer broad advice or specialize in tax planning, asset allocation, risk management, retirement, estate planning, and the like.

In a world moving at warp speed, the ability to filter out the noise and focus on what truly matters is critical to developing a sound financial plan.

This fast-paced seminar will help you to:

  • Get your financial plan back on track
  • Shore up your ability to achieve your long-term goals and objectives
  • Save for your children's education
  • Prevent outliving your income 

This CPE Virtual Conference will help accountants and other financial professionals make sound, informed decisions regarding investment and tax planning, asset allocation, portfolio rebalancing, risk management, education funding, and retirement planning. 

You’ll be able to combine the lessons learned from the financial crisis with recent legislative and tax law changes to make sound, informed decisions!

Continuing Education Credits

The sessions of the conference qualifies for

  • 3 CPD Credit for all CPA/ABV
  • 3 CPE Credit for all CGFM
  • 3 CPE Credit for all CMA
  • 3 CPE Credit of Finance for CPA (US)
  • 2 CPE Credit of Taxes for CPA (US)
  • 3 CPE Credit for all CVA
  • 5 PL Credit for all CFA
  • 5 CPE Credit for all ChFC
  • 5 CPE Credit for all FSCP
  • 5 CPE Credit for all CASL
  • 5 CPE Credit for all ChSNC
  • 5 CPE Credit for all RICP
  • 5 CPE Credit for all WMCP
  • 5.2 PL Credit for all CIPM
  • 3 CPE Credit for all CBA/MCBA
  • 3 CRE Credit for all FPAC
  • 4 CE Credit for all CFIRS
  • 4 CE Credit for all CWS
  • 2 CE Credit for all AFSP
  • 2 CE Credit for all CRTP
  • 4 CE Credit for all CFP (US)
  • 2 CE Credit for all EA
  • 2 CE Credit for all ORTP
  • 4 CPD Credit for all CPA/PFS
  • 2 CPD Credit for all TEP
  • 2 CE Credit for all CSA
  • 2 CE Credit for all Maryland Tax Preparer
  • 2 CE Credit for all ERPA
  • 2 CPD Credit for all CA - ICAEW
  • 2 CPD Credit for all ACCA
  • 2 CPD Credit for all CA - Ireland
  • 2 CPD Credit for all CA - Scotland
  • 2 CPD Credit for all CPA - Ireland

Speaker Name
Ilene Slatko


May 30th, 2022


10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
1 Credit

How Redefining Your Services Portfolio Will Help You Attract and Retain More Long-Term Clients

According to a CNBC poll, the majority of Americans neither work with a financial professional nor have a written financial plan. Many actively eschew any input on their finances. Whether it’s the proliferation of Fintech and the multitude of apps available to help people track and trade in investment accounts or an inflated sense of investment mastery, people who are good prospects are not responding to financial professionals' outreach.

While the small percentage who do use financial professionals may have sizeable assets, your long-term business success depends on some combination of:

  • Maintaining your current clients
  • Growing the value of current assets
  • Maintaining those assets after they have been passed to the next generation
  • Attracting new clients

This CPE Finance session looks at the reasons people give for not hiring financial professionals and what they do instead.

Together we’ll construct scenarios to help you connect to these potential future clients and discuss how changing your services can help you achieve your long-term business goals. Wherever you are on the financial services spectrum, this interactive program will guide you in redefining your services to attract and maintain new clients.

This CPE virtual session is led by Ilene Slatko, a former financial services sales manager, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. It is designed for participants to leave with a list of ideas for sustaining long-term business growth.

Learning Objectives

  • To evaluate participants’ current client census.
  • To analyze what future clients are doing now.
  • To discover the market segments of future clients.
  • To redefine current services to match those future clients.
  • To analyze potential new services.
  • To discuss ways to attract future clients to participants’ financial practices.
  • 1 CPD credit of for all CPA/ABV
  • 1 CPE credit of for all CGFM
  • 1 CPE credit of for all CMA