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10 Secrets the Credit Card Processing Industry Doesn't Want You to Know

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Before starting this self study program, please go through the instructional document.


  • Case Study: How hidden fees increases
    10 mins
  • Credit Card Industry Stats
    16 mins
  • History of the credit card
    18 mins
  • Why negotiating better rates is a waste of time?
    30 mins
  • Credit Card Industry Structure
    48 mins

Course Description

Every year, businesses pay approximately $180 billion in credit card processing fees. These fees are convoluted, confusing, obscure, and often misleading. Credit card companies make money off cardholders in a wide range of ways and their income has been experiencing solid growth for years. They charge for

  • Interest Income 
  • Interchange Fees
  • Cash Advance Fees
  • Annual Fees
  • Penalty Fees
  • Enhancement Income

Credit card company made 163 billion of these Incomes in 2016 from Businesses & Individuals. This money comes from the bank account of business who happens to be your client or whom you work for. In this session, we will look behind the curtain of the credit card processing industry and show you how the card brands and banks operate, common red flags that could complicate your fee structure, and ways that you can reduce or eliminate unfair or inflated processing fees within your merchant account.


CPA or Accountants or Tax Professionals : This webinar will give you insights on advising your clients on how to significantly reduce your credit processing fees and will help you in being a valued advisor. 

CFO, Staff Accountants, Director of Finance, Controller : you are always expected to improve bottom-line of your company, this webinar will help you in understanding step by step how you can really reduce your company’s credit processing fees up to 50% and that too without switch processor.

Learning Objectives

  • To attain the knowledge of the credit card processing industry
  • To identify various steps of reading your merchant statement
  • To identify where your where your surcharging fees is going
  • To identify various steps you can take to reduce your fees
  • To recognize how much you're being overcharged

Who Should Attend?

  • Accountant
  • Business Owner
  • CFO/Controller
  • CPA (Industry)
  • CPA - Mid Size Firm
  • CPA - Small Firm
  • Finance Director
  • Outsourced CFO
  • VP Finance





I am an Enrolled Agent and was curious about this class. The information was easy to understand and if I was an accountant, I'd request that all my customers at some point consider having an Audit firm review their accounts if they accept credit cards.


This is one of the best seminars I have attended on this platform. The information was very relevant and presented in a very succinct but informative manner. Well done!


Great info about the working of the credit card industry. It will definitely help me to save some amount of money


Learned a lot about credit card industry structure


Amazing webinar - one of the best I've taken! Applicable to my job as a corporate accountant as well as a consumer.


great tips