myCPE vs CCH CPE Link
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myCPE vs CCH CPE Link

Imtiaz Munshi, CPA
Imtiaz Munshi, CPA
  • June 29, 2022 10:59 AM EST
  • | 4 mins read

As we all know, internet usage has increased exponentially, and that's why online education has gained a wider scope than ever before, especially during and after Covid-19. There are several platforms for continuing education, such as myCPE and CCH CPE Link, through which you can easily take your continuing education online.

In this article, you will read an unbiased comparison of the two largest continuing education platforms, myCPE, and CCH CPE Link. 

Our comparison parameters are based on pricing, content library, subscription, courses, and user experience. 


When it comes to comparing two CPE platforms, the pricing of courses and packages plays an important role. Herein, myCPE stands out as you only have to pay $10-$15/ credit. On the other hand, at CCH (CPE link), the pricing per CPE credit will cost $53-$90, depending upon the subject.

The cost of the Unlimited Access Plan is $199 at myCPE and $859 at CCH (CPE link)

Content Library:

myCPE is providing 10,000+ hrs of content for its users like CPA, EA, CFP, CMA, CIA, CFE, and 100+ other professional designations. CCH (CPE link) provides 2300+ Hrs for its users, including CPA, EA, and CTEC.

Subscription Inclusions:

While you subscribe at myCPE, you will get access to 153 State-specific packages, 50+ State Specifics Ethics courses, and specific ethics courses. Unfortunately, CCH (CPE link) is not providing any State-specific packages and State Specifics Ethics courses, but here you can get ethics courses.

Learning Avenues:

When we are comparing based on learning avenues, the following observations are examined:

At myCPE, users will get access to Live courses, on-demand videos, podcasts, E-Books, Virtual Conferences, Certificate Courses, Premium courses, Short Videos, and Internal training. 

At CCH (CPE link), users can access live courses, on-demand videos, and internal training.

Subject Matter Experts:

In terms of continuing education program quality, if we talk about the Subject Matter Experts, we can easily determine that myCPE has 400+ experts or educators.. 

User Experience:

The experience of users matters if you want to grow your business. And to fulfill all the demands of its users, myCPE offers a user-friendly website interface, dedicated mobile application, compliance monitor, and course ratings and reviews.

When talking about CCH (CPE link), users are not getting a dedicated mobile application and course ratings and reviews. Although users will get a compliance monitor, they charge an extra price for the service.

Support Service:

myCPE offers user support. Users can contact through phone, email, online chat, and social media. At CCH (CPE link), users can contact their support through phone and email.

If you are looking for the best Continuing education platform where you can successfully receive your CPE credits, we suggest you pick myCPE over CCH (CPE link). 

As you have already read, myCPE is one of the best choices in terms of pricing because it offers courses at the lowest prices, a content library because it has 10,000+ hrs of content from subject matter experts, and 24*7 support services. With this, we provide comfort and flexibility so that you can get CPE credit without any hassle. 

Visit our site myCPE today and subscribe to our courses.

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Imtiaz Munshi, CPA

Imtiaz Munshi, CPA


The author Imtiaz Munshi is a Certified Public Accountant and CFO at Azstec, LLC. He is Business Strategist, Tax Planner, Entrepreneur and Advisor to "HNEs" (High Net Worth Entrepreneurs).

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