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What makes tax CPE courses valuable for professionals in the wake of Biden's tax update?
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What makes tax CPE courses valuable for professionals in the wake of Biden's tax update?

Mike Goosen, CPA
Mike Goosen, CPA
  • May 07, 2021 12:00 AM EST

As an established professional, you probably know the value of tax CPE courses . With the new tax norms proposed by President Joe Biden, it’s imperative for you to stay abreast with the latest set of norms. In this post, you will get to know some of the proposed tax updates. Eventually, you can follow up with the tax update CPE webinar and training programs to leverage your skills.

Proposed changes in the US tax slabs under various categories

Individual taxes

Currently, there are seven tax slabs for individuals, with the highest being 37%. People with an income exceeding $628,300 presently need to shell out the highest amount of tax. However, as per the proposed tax rates, people earning more than $400,000 would have to shell out 39.6% of their income as tax. Once you get to know about all other updates as per the American tax update 2021, you would be able to offer a greater value to your clients.

Tax deductions

As per Biden's tax update, certain changes are about to come up in the domain of tax deductions. At present, the (SALT) State and Local Taxes have an itemized deductions capped at $10,000. According to the proposed updates, the itemized deductions would be capped at 28%. Biden’s proposed tax wants to put an end to the SALT dollar limit. For incomes above $400,000, PEASE would be restored. The new set of norms also supports a tax credit of $3,000. It will help if you stay updated on the latest tax norms when you deal with your clients. This explains why professionals are enrolling for CPE courses online.

Education and student loans

It would help if you closely followed the American tax update news to stay abreast of student loans' latest norms. Unless there's an exception, presently, the loan waive-offs are normally included in the income. One could include the loan forgiveness in the income unless the individual worked in any profession for a certain time. Presently, the Biden administration is under political pressure to eliminate federal student loans worth $50,000. The new norms involve a repayment plan for 20 years, and the student loans would be canceled and tax-free. Considering the stringent norms as per the new tax update, make sure to undergo training through the online tax update CPE course.

Transactions and financial instruments

Interest: Under the new set of tax norms, the Biden administration wants to eliminate the carried interest. Presently, the income coming into the private investment fund is taxed at the rates of lower capital gains. Besides, a holding period of three years is presently in place. However, the new set of norms would do away with all these requirements.

Currency : As per the current tax norms, professionals need to tax virtual currencies. In these situations, they need to use form 1040. However, the Biden administration has made no clear announcement in this regard. This implies that tax professionals need to follow American tax update news.

Transaction tax : According to the present tax norms in the US, entering a transaction involving finance attracts no tax. This includes selling or buying bonds, derivatives, or stocks. Biden’s proposed tax norms would uphold the same tax treatment in this regard.

Continuous professional education holds the key to success

Accountants and tax professionals are already enrolling for the best tax CPE courses to enhance their competence while they handle clients. After all, continuous professional education would elevate your skill level, helping you stay updated with the latest set of norms. This justifies why successful professionals are proactive with these CPE programs. With new tax norms coming up about compensations, benefits, and incentives, you need to refine your existing knowledge by attending a tax update CPE webinar. You may also enroll yourself in the tax courses online at a reputed institute.

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