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Certified Estate Planning Specialists for IRAs

Get extensive insights on core areas of Estate Planning for IRAs from our expert presenter Robert Keebler, CPA,CGMA,CPA/PFS, AEP.

Certified Course Overview

  • Develop an understanding of how to take the advantage of the no RMD rule
  • Oragnize succession of family or business
  • Minimize estate planning taxes
  • Learn how to apply new Estate tax planning strategies in light of changes to IRA and employer plan rules
  • Be an expert in handling asset protection plan of the clients
  • Through understanding of the Deferral and Tax rate arbitrage associated with Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)

Why this certification course

Effective January 1, 2020, we have a radically different law governing Inherited IRAs and retirement plans than we had in the past. The stock market seems particularly jittery and that may continue for a long time. Your own finances and family situation could change significantly between the time you draft your wills, trusts and beneficiary designations and the time of your and/or your spouse’s death.

This comprehensive course will help you learn critical fundamentals concepts of Financial and Estate Planning for IRAs that you need to know while advising your clients. You can add tremendous value to your practice. It is a series of webinars covering the core areas of retirement financial planning, estate planning, solutions to retirement plan beneficiary disasters, Roth Conversation after the SECURE Act and detailed understanding of Qualified plans after death.

Recommended For

  • This course is best for those with less than three years of estate planning experience. We will help you overcome some of the most challenging planning tax concepts so you can minimize risk and be an asset to your department.
  • For an Advisor who helps their clients with Financial and Estate Planning to advise their clients in the most beneficial manner.
  • Professionals Interested in beginning it’s career which will have work involved around Financial and Estate Planning


Course Title Educational Credits
  • To discuss the foundational contribution tax concepts
  • To discuss the rollover issues and solutions
  • To summarize the IRA penalties on early distributions, excess contributions & excess accumulations
  • To review the fundamental estate planning concepts for IRAs
  • To summarize the basics of prohibited transactions and unrelated business taxable income (UBTI)
  • To prepare a decedent’s final income tax return
  • To discuss Wills and Trusts and describe how they work
  • To discuss fiduciary accounting and how it relates to the Form 1041
  • To discuss valuation adjustments
  • To discuss various estate tax deductions
  • To understand the new changes relating to IRAs and employer plans.
  • To learn how to apply new estate and estate tax planning strategies in light of changes to IRA and employer plan rules
  • To Develope a thorough understanding of the Deferral and Tax Rate arbitrage associated with a Charitable Remainder Trust.
  • To understand the Income and Estate Tax-Free Benefits of IRA relocation.
  • To Integrate Roth Conversion Planning with Eligible IRA Disability Trusts and IRA Trust Planning
  • Low value Roth conversions
  • Taking Advantage of the no RMD rule
  • Roth conversions equal to the forgiven RMD
  • Hedging Roth IRAs with Insurance
  • Tax-sensitive withdrawal strategies and many more.
  • To identify the new changes relating to IRAs and employer plans.
  • To recognize the new and extended income tax provisions enacted as part of this new legislation
  • To recall new estate and estate tax planning strategies in light of changes to IRA and employer plan rules
  • To recognize Income Tax Planning when IRAs are Paid to Trusts and how to Pass-Out Taxable Income to the Beneficiaries
  • To identify the consequences failing to update the beneficiary designation form after a death or divorce
  • To explore the ramifications of failing to provide for a spouse
  • To recognize repercussions of failing to name a beneficiary
  • To identify the results of failing to name contingent beneficiaries
  • To recognize effects of naming the estate as beneficiary
  • To explore the results of naming a non-qualified trust as the beneficiary
  • To identify consequences of naming a potential spendthrift as beneficiary
  • To recognize the effects of naming an older relative as the primary beneficiary
  • To explore the ramifications of naming a trust with older relatives who are primary beneficiaries
  • To recall the consequences of incorrect titling of an inherited IRA

Continuing Education Credits

This Certificate Course Qualifies for following Credits

  • 12 CE credit for all Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP)
  • 12 CE credit for all California Registered Tax Preparers(CRTP)
  • 13 CPE credit for all Certified Public Accountants (CPA-US)
  • 13 CE credit for all Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)
  • 13 CPE credit for all Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA)
  • 13 CE credit for all Chartered Advisor in Senior Living (CASL)
  • 13 CE credit for all Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®)
  • 13 CE credit for all Chartered Special Needs Consultant (ChSNC)
  • 12 CE credit for all Enrolled Agents (EA)
  • 12 CE credit for all Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent
  • 13 CE credit for all Financial Services Certified Professional (FSCP®)
  • 12 CE credit for all Maryland Tax Preparer (MRTP)
  • 12 CE credit for all Oregon Registered Tax Preparers (ORTP)
  • 13 CPD credit for all Personal Financial Specialist (PFS)
  • 13 CE credit for all Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP)
  • 13 CPD credit for all Trust and Estate Practitioners (TEP)
  • 13 CE credit for all Wealth Management Certified Professional (WMCP)

Our Certificate

The Certified Estate Planning Specialists for IRAs course is created for individuals working in financial or tax planning areas. The course is well deserved for those who currently involve (or will soon involve) Estate Planning into their practice for their firm, themselves, or their clients. This course will help you gain mastery in  financial and estate planning for IRAs. After this 15 hours training course, you will more easily be able to manage your estate planning practice. This certificate course is the premier training option for those looking to gain confidence, increase accuracy, and be better prepared for potential situations while performing Estate Planning.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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This certificate course will be covering basic understanding of Estate Tax, foundational contribution tax concepts, understanding the new amendments relating to IRAs and employer plans, identify various law value Roth conversions, changes affecting IRAs and employer plans and how to avoid retirement plan beneficiary disasters.

By completing this certificate course, you and your firm will be able to distinguish from the    competition prevailing in the market. You will able to provide a professional service of a higher standard which will help your client serve better.
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