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What You’ll learn

Tax resolution is one of the essential services that a tax professional should consider mastering. A skilled tax representative can build a successful practice by helping various aspects of taxation. Master tax audits, deferred tax, payroll tax, and tax benefits with key tools to handle IRS representation areas effectively.

Get Deeper Understanding of:
  • Handle all areas of IRS representations

  • Methods of reducing penalties and interest on assessed tax balances

  • Managing an appeal when collections and audits fails

  • Getting a quick refund when you have a net operating loss

  • Third-party sources the IRS might use to initiate an audit

Recommended For:
  • All tax professionals, licensed and unlicensed, who would like to build practice and handle all areas of IRS representation

  • Professional Staff or Managers of CPA firms, law firms and EA firms who are starting or have less than 5 years experience in Tax Resolution or Representation.

  • Firm leaders who want to build tax resolution practice.

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Resources included
  • Handout for each course
  • Glossary/Key Terms
  • Q&A directly with instructors
Career Opportunities
  • Tax Auditor
  • Tax and Financial Advisor
  • Tax Attorney
  • Tax Manager/Consultant
  • Tax Specialist
  • Tax Analyst
  • Tax Associate
Value Addition to your skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Critical thinking


Module Name


IRS Representation Series - Foolproof Tips to Release IRS Levies on Paychecks or Bank Accounts

2 Hours

  • To explore basics of levy process and the procedure for getting a levy released
  • To recognize what must be signed, prior to calling the IRS for your client
  • To recognize reasons for requesting a Collection Due Process Hearing
Lambers, Inc.

Lambers, Inc.

IRS Representation Series - Getting Organized to Resolve Collection Issues

2 Hours

  • To explore how to expand practice base to include representation
  • To identify the best way to reduce a client's tax debt
  • To identify legitimate reasons to abate a penalty
Lambers, Inc.

Lambers, Inc.

IRS Representation Series - Tips and Tricks for the 433s Needed to Secure an Offer in Compromise

2 Hours

  • To explore using Collection Information forms, National Standards, and to support your claims
  • To differentiate the strategis won’t help to stop IRS from taking aggressive action
  • To recognize how a client should use the money first when they owe IRS back taxes
Lambers, Inc.

Lambers, Inc.

IRS Representation Series - Doing Offer-in-Compromise - How to Complete the Form 656 Application

3 Hours

  • To identify functions of an IRS field team visiting employers who are delinquent on their payroll tax payments
  • To recognize what level of tax liability will a taxpayer's file be turned over to Revenue Officers (ROs) in the field
  • To recognize how to prepare the OIC and present the offer
Lambers, Inc.

Lambers, Inc.

IRS Representation Series - Winning the 1040 Audit

3 Hours

  • To identify how to find deductions, credits, or adjustments that were missed on the original tax return
  • To describe what the taxpayer doesn't need to do under the Office in Home Simplified Method
  • To recognize third-party sources the IRS might use to initiate an audit
Lambers, Inc.

Lambers, Inc.

IRS Representation Series - Steps to Take After Successful Collections or Audits

2 Hours

  • To apply a list of steps to take after an audit has been successfully resolved
  • To recognize the worst result in an audit
  • To identify the form to use for getting a quick refund when you have a net operating loss
Lambers, Inc.

Lambers, Inc.

IRS Representation Series - When Collections and Audits Fail

2 Hours

  • To identify tools to get past IRS rejections of Offers in Compromise, Installment Agreements, levy releases
  • To differentiate the three types of Offer in Compromise
  • To recognize the Tax Court rights of Enrolled Agents and CPAs
Lambers, Inc.

Lambers, Inc.

IRS Representation Series - Reducing IRS Assessments for Interest & Penalties

2 Hours

  • To recognize and implement methods for reducing penalties and interest on assessed tax balances
  • To recognize what you should try and get for your clients, before paying penalties and the related interest
  • To identify what can result in tax penalty abatement most of the time
Lambers, Inc.

Lambers, Inc.

IRS Representation Series - Conflicts of Interest

2 Hours

  • To recognize the nature and extent of the conflict and to either extricate yourself from the situation
  • To identify when potential conflicts of interests do not require consent forms and disclosures
  • To identify what Circular 230 says about Conflicts of Interest
Lambers, Inc.

Lambers, Inc.

IRS Representation Series - Circular 230 Ethics and Updates

2 Hours

  • To identify IRS representation, client conflicts, advertising limitations, and privacy issues
  • To identify who may represent an individual or entity before personnel of the IRS
  • To describe when a taxpayer living outside the United States needs representation
Lambers, Inc.

Lambers, Inc.



Frequently Asked Questions

The certificate course will give you the tools to handle all these IRS representation areas, effectively: audit, collections, levy release and appeals. Specific directions and tips are provided to succeed at audits or to prevail in appeals, to prepare and present an Offer in Compromise with the lowest legally acceptable balance due, to put collections actions on hold, to get levies released and how to appeal collections decisions when they are not in your clients’ favor. You will also learn how to fix failed audits and collections cases started by the client – or other tax professionals who couldn’t help your clients.

By accomplishing this certificate course, you will be able to master IRS ethical standards, how to avoid conflicts of interest. You will also be able to protect your clients from IRS predatory collections action, thrive your expertise to prevent and resolve the IRS collections actions.

Certificate course is created by a qualified and experienced instructor(s). myCPE Certificate Courses includes Self-study Courses. Most of the courses are in the form of On-demand Videos. The Self-study Video courses in Certificate courses may be Live recorded presentations converted into Self Study (On-Demand Videos).

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