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General and Professional Ethical Considerations for CPAs - Virginia Approved 2021

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  • Introduction to the Concept of Ethics
    14 mins
  • Is this Ethical?
    21 mins
  • Cultural of Integrity
    37 mins
  • Sociology of a CPA Profession
    47 mins
  • Business Stress Faced
    82 mins
  • Example Parallel Matters with public practice & industry
    102 mins
  • Employing Organization Safeguard
    132 mins
  • Position of Power Example
    173 mins

Course Description

This CPE Ethics course for CPAs is approved by the Virginia Board of Accountancy (VBOA) to satisfy the Virginia specific ethics requirement.

Unethical behavior can ruin professional careers, and could result in fines, penalties, or even a loss of licensure.  This on-demand Ethics CPE course focuses on the risks faced by those that work in either public accounting or industry.  

Key topics discussed:

  • Introduction to the concept of ethics
  • Examples of handling moral dilemmas 
  • Steps in making ethical decisions
  • The importance of ethics in internal controls
  • The risk of a CPA’s fiduciary duty and other responsibilities 
  • Role of the AICPA and SEC in monitoring ethical behavior

Recommended for: 

This AICPA Ethics webinar is recommended for Public and industry CPAs at all levels interested in general ethics and Virgnia CPAs in order to fulfill their mandatory annual Ethics requirement.

This CPE Ethics course is approved by the Virginia Board of Accountancy (VBOA) to satisfy the Virginia specific ethics requirement.

Every CPA must comply with the AICPA’s Code of Professional Conduct, which is a hallmark of the CPA designation.  CPAs in public practice must overcome higher barriers, such as when attest service providers must also retain independence.  This on-demand Ethics course will provide an overview of the core principles from which the CPA profession is built upon.  

Course Highlights:

  • Core principles of the AICPA’s Code of Professional Conduct applicable to all CPAs, including conflicts of interest, preparing and reporting information, competence, confidential information, and more
  • The importance of maintaining independence for CPAs in public practice, especially when also performing nonattest services for the attest client 

Recommended for:

Any CPA who must comply with the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and Virginia CPAs in order to fulfill their mandatory annual Ethics requirement. 

Learning Objectives

  • To describe the foundation of ethical behavior
  • To analyze moral and ethical dilemmas faced in day-to-day situations
  • To explain important principles underlying ethical decision-making
  • To describe core principles underlying the AICPA’s Code of Professional Conduct that apply to both CPAs in public practice and industry
  • To explain common ethical dilemmas faced by all CPAs and how they can be safeguarded to an acceptable level

Who Should Attend?

  • CPA (Industry)
  • CPA - Mid Size Firm
  • CPA - Small Firm
  • CPA in Business
  • Entrepreneurial CPA
  • Young CPA