Mr. Alan Heyman, CEO of the SMLR Group, Inc., has more than 25 years’ experience in the cybersecurity and data communication world, having started one of the first Internet based Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) companies in the late 80’s. Mr. Heyman is a recognized expert in many phases of cybersecurity, compliance, insurance  and governance.

Mr. Heyman has extensive experience in consulting with numerous companies in the field of cyber security as it pertains to the New York State Financial Services laws and requirements as well as insurance coverage, from the client side to add the proper and efficient type of coverage based upon needs analysis procedures.

SMLRgroup has numerous clients from regional banks, insurance agencies  to large financial services organizations concerned with compliance and governance issues, as well as security issues. Central to this has been an ongoing strategic partnership with FireEye/Mandiant, Forcepoint/Raytheon and others.

Alan, a lecturer and columnist, is fully certified by the FireEye, Forcepoint/Raytheon and IBM Internet Security Solution’s Group in all phases of IT and Cybersecurity. Alan has spoken at more the 175 Cybersecurity and Cyber Governance seminars for The CPA Academy, Bloomberg CPE programs, Paycheck CPE programs and more, over the last few years and has written extensively in the field, especially covering the New York State Department of Financial  Services laws and guidelines for compliance of licensed entities.

 Mr. Heyman is a graduate of the City College of NY with a BA and the NYU Graduate School of Business with an MBA.

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