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Jim Cline

Jim Cline, Chief Excel Officer

Advisor, ExcelCEO
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About Speaker Jim Cline, Chief Excel Officer

Jim Cline graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Taxation from the University of Houston in 1989.  His first job was at Arthur Andersen where he worked in the Tax and Real Estate Appraisal departments.  After seven years with Arthur Andersen, Mr. Cline became the Manager of Revenue Services at Service Corporation International (SCI), the largest funeral home and cemetery consolidator in North America.  Currently, he is the Director of Ad Hoc Reporting and Information Support at SCI. In 2005, Jim started developing a course that would train accountants in his group in Microsoft Excel.  He realized that even recent college graduates didn’t possess the Excel skills needed to work in his group.  His first book (Excel 2003) took three-and-a-half years to complete.  After immense success with the first book, he decided to expand his curriculum to include Microsoft Access, which took an additional two years to complete.  In 2007, he started selling his courses online under the name of ClineSys, and in 2011 he changed the name of his courses to be ExcelCEO (which stands for Chief Excel Officer). Since the inception, Jim Cline and his ExcelCEO courses have trained thousands of accountants, financiers, and business professionals in how to work with Excel and Access in a business environment with amazing results. Jim is married with five children and seven grandchildren. Jim continues to conduct seminars, conferences, and CPE webinars He is a Boy Scout leader, a part-time web developer, owns a small cattle ranch outside of Houston, and speaks three languages (four if you count Texan).

  • MS Excel Coaching
  • MS Access Coaching
  • Advanced Excel reporting and data analytics




I enjoy the course overall, the presenter was very effective and I have learned some new Excel tricks that I didn't know before. The pace was quite fast, but I understand there were lots of material to go over and the course didn't mean for us to do the same thing as the presenter at the same time.


I took the course a second time just to go over it again I know I could look at the recording, but it helped when I was at work reviewing


this was an excellent course that provided very relevant and useable information. I really appreciate that fact that the marketing was kept to a minimum. the instructor was so engaging and fun to listen to


Overall the presentation was great. Jim was a lot of fun. The only thing I might comment on was the speed of the presentation. It was bit fast for my level, which would be beginner/intermediate. I could follow him, but I will have to refer to the recordings to really go back and absorb it all.


Jim is very engaging and covers the material given. He does go quick but you can get a recording sent to take better notes later. He may even convince you to purchase his material as I would like a more professional reference book for excel. Well done Jim! Loved your jokes and stories while still instructing us. Keep them coming.


Fantastic course and entertaining/knowledgeable instructor. You learn a lot in 1.5 hour timeframe, very well worth it! I signed up for the full course immediately afterwards.


It was a great webinar and I enjoyed learning more about Excel and her little tricks! I've already told my colleagues about the spinner button!


This was a great 'dip' into his program. It was a better value than some of the webinars I've been on where they spend the majority of the time trying to upsell. I learned some useful tips I can implement immediately.


This webinar was fantastic. The speaker is super knowledgeable and I learned a ton of interesting things, I may take up his offer and take part in his separate program as a result


This was not the typical torturous, dry and boring CPE. This presenter, Jim Cline, was the very best: engaging, kept it interesting, entertaining and full of humor. Wish all CPE was this way!


This session really needs additional time . The course was very fast, I love the fact that the course is recorded and sent to you so that you can watch it again and try out the different formulas at your own pace. Jim Cline is a genius and makes his excel tips so easy, yet doing them on my own, I definitely need some practice!


This is one of the most informative excel webinars that I have watched so far. I liked it so much that I purchased the course. Thank you.


This was a great class. I am a MOS Master and I learned some things in this course. Was so worth my time.


The instructor did a great job explaining and demonstrating excel via webinar. Very easy to follow.


Webinar was a good learning experience. Although, the instructions were at a fast pace, it was straight forward and easy to follow. Presentation was organized and informative. Audio was clear.


The Instructor, Jim Cline, was charismatic and made the topic interesting and engaging which made the time go by more quickly than expected. I was actually ready to continue learning more when the course finished. Everything new I learned I know is something that I can perform and find useful moving forward at work - honestly the most useful CPE credits I have earned to-date!


This webinar was fantastic. Very relevant to my job responsibilities and, while it was a lot of information to digest in a short period of time, I feel that the information was presented concisely and effectively. Job well done!


It is one of the best use of an hour and a half for any Excel user. The ability to replay videos provided by myCPE and proceed at my own pace certainly helped me focus on the areas I found more challenging.


The best instructor so far. There are many experts in this field but none has the grace and perfect voice tone that Jim Cline brings. The webinar was easy to follow and a great addition to my set of skills.


This session really needs additional time . The course was very fast, I love the fact that the course is recorded and sent to you so that you can watch it again and try out the different formulas at your own pace. Jim Cline is a genius and makes his excel tips so easy, yet doing them on my own, I definitely need some practice!


Jim Cline is always fantastic! He not only extremely knowledgeable, but you can tell he loves Excel.I have learned how to simplify much of the work I am already doing and have ideas on how to move forward and improve on ongoing reports for my clients. Thank you! The presenter was very knowledgeable and easy to follow.


The speaker did a great job! I thought that this course was extremely helpful. Many tips and applications that I will be able to use in my practice. Jim took time to describe each function in depth and step by step walk through showing you exactly how to execute.. Very good, would recommend. Thank you myCPE.


There is still much to learn in using Excel to the best of ability. I look forward to additional courses on this subject.


Excellent presenter and excellent content


Wow! I learned so much in just 90 minutes! Incredible class and definitely will look into other classes.


the guy is a TRUE Excel Master!! some of the tricks he showed us were amazing. and to think we only touched the tip of the iceberg. made we want to buy his full course!


I am an Excel nerd, and I love learning tips and tricks. This was better than I expected!


LOVED IT!! Engaging, relevant, helpful. Jim kept my attention the entire time. I will be ordering the full course today.


The speaker was great. I'm not crazy about the zoom meeting part of it. I was unable to answer polls but did in the chat and was told that would count.


The material was extremely relevant to my current job. MS Excel is a tool used daily and so it was helpful to attend such insightful webinar and learn a lot of excel tips to ease work and save time.


myCPE webinars are great. This one provided example spreadsheets, and the presenter walked us through some new skills at the perfect pace. 5 stars!


myCPE is great


He was amazing and I would like to take more of his classes - can I search for him?


Engaging material, entertaining presenter, well organized and great PD event.


Love it! Everything is so smooth!


awesome way to spend 1 1/2 hours...great examples and excellent instructor


This was my favorite course I've taken so far.




Great instructor, very knowledgeable and entertaining at the same time.


Jim was a great facilitator! He made the class fun and easy to understand. It was way better than I had anticipated and learned several new things! I felt he was down to earth and would be happy to learn from him again!




Excellent, although the instructor speaks very quickly.


Great workshop, I learned more of excel, Thank you.


Best Excel training I've ever had.


Jim was great and the information was very useful! Thank you!!


This was a brilliant course. Learnt a lot about excel in such a short period.


Very entertaining and relevant. I enjoyed it very much.


It was great overall. I was able to pay attention and work through the spreadsheet along with the instructor. The instructor kept us engaged the entire time.




Brilliant instructor.


Very good presentation though I think he went pretty fast so was hard to absorb all he was saying and demonstrating


This was by far one of the best CPE courses I have taken. Jim Cline is an excellent instructor, making Excel spreadsheets even more exciting for Accountants! It was entertaining, informative, and extremely valuable. I especially appreciated the Spinner Button and format painter tricks!


Awesome job!




I learned so much during this course. I thought I was intermediate, but changed to beginner because I had no idea there was SO MUCH I didn't know!


Great presenter! very energetic and passionate about the material.


This was an excellent webinar. Looking forward to more from this instructor


Very engaging presenter. I would definitely seek out more opportunities to learn from him!


It was easy to follow along. I've learnt something new, even when I have been using Excel frequently for my job. I like how the speaker shared his example files for us to study after the course.


my CPE was easy to follow and provided valuable tips and examples


This was an outstanding presentation. The only suggestion that I have is that at times it felt rushed.


very informative


excellent program, instructor


Enthusiastic instructor. Absolutely Amazing!!!!


This was so so cool, the tips learned were magical




This was the best CPE I have ever taken


I recently discovered myCPE, so this course was my first one. I was highly pleased. Jim Cline's course was very interesting and useful. There are formulas and tips that I thought that I already knew and am proven wrong. I appreciate this course very much and will be using the tips and tricks immediately!


Loved this class!! Even if you consider yourself advanced + (as I do) you will find value in this class. The instructor keeps it interesting and does an excellent job!


Great Webinar, learned quite a bit and enjoyed the course, a bit too fast for me but very informative.


The instructor was very knowledgeable and gave great shortcuts and additions to the excel spreadsheet that blew my mind. I have definitely learned key items that will have a great impact on my career and excel experience.


not sure there was enough time for the instructor, overall was very educational


The content presented was AMAZING!! I am so happy I took the webinar!


Good experience - topic was presented effectively and efficienctly


Overall great experience, great excel tips and tricks! Also a good amount of knowledge for a 90 minute course.


Excellent delivery, examples, material.


The material was excellent and the instructor was dynamic. I only wish it could have gone on for hours and hours.


Great CPE event and promotional, it was free and the promotional jabs were not dominant - actually learned some great Excel tips and a resource for enhancing my Excel skills further!!


Excel learning cut to the chase for the most relevant and powerful tools for every day efficiency.


Best class so far!!


Very well presented. I'm glad I was able to download the spreadsheet so I could follow along and later reiterate what I learned.




Great presentation


Very good course.


Overall, this was a very informative webinar.


Great, should teach a class each month


I recently retired and could have used this in my job. I recommended this course to all my previous coworkers. It was a great class and I learned a lot. I knew the format painter trick but not the rest.


I am happy to acquire new knowledge.


I'll continue to check out the program, thank you.


I learned more than I was expecting to. I intend to share my results of this webinar with my supervisor. Thank you


Instructor was awesome! Great tips and tricks that are relevant to use in everyday work.


I like the energy Jim brought to the course and make it easy to follow using a realistic but not too complicated example. Would like to see more courses from him on myCPE, specially macros and pivots.


Sometimes he went a little fast and I missed a few things and had to look at the completed version of the worksheet. Overall was a very good teacher though. I learned a lot.


Great presentation !! Easy to follow


The material was presented in an easy way to follow and understand. I picked up a few new things I can use.


Jim Cline always has excellent presentations!


This was a very good class. A lot of good tips, and the "center button" at the end was very powerful.


It was a great class!




The presentation was great!




I'm an intermediate excel user and there were 1 or 2 formulas that have never used and will be very helpful.


I learned some functions in excel that will help me use the program more effectively and efficiently. Good job of providing an excel template that we could follow along with during the training and complete the same calculations as Jim.


The webinar was really informative and I learned a lot.


This was a great lesson. I have actually been in situations manually sorting and correcting data like this. I have always assumed that there were built-in ways to handle these kinds of issues, but I had not been able to find solutions independently. I feel even more confident in my Excel abilities now. I am sure that the time spent in the lesson will be return quickly in my improving efficiency.


Best one I’ve done in a while.




Very engaging presenter! Very knowledgeable and excited about the topic. I loved the follow along examples that he used during the presentation.


Easy to follow format and actual excel tips that you can use. Not as basic as other courses so it was refreshing to learn something new for an intermediate to advanced Excel user.


The presentation was an amazing one and I learned stuffs that I didn't know in EXCEL especially the Spinner button.


learned alot - now need to use it


It is far most valuable course I have taken to learn about Excel tips and tricks! Jim has done a awesome job with presenting material and walking through each of the formula. Thanks Jim!


This class was more than I expected which I feel I hit the jack-pot. I have not had the opportunity to get this in-depth with EXCEL and now I want to know more!


Good course


Wonderful class for me. Went a bit too fast at certain points; maybe i would do better with the self-paced process. the F4 tip: I had never known about--what a help!! Thank you


Best webinar I've ever attended!


I enjoyed the course so much that I immediately signed me and all of my team up for the more in-depth study.


What a great webinar!! Entertaining and informative!


The speaker demonstrated good communication to grr we y the material across.




Session was great. He was talking super fast however. It was a little hard to keep up.


I thought I was fairly decent at using Excel. Apparently not. the exercises he went through were very relevant to my work, and I will be adopting them on a daily basis!


Great presenter, great energy. Handy little advanced tricks sprinkled in were nice.


I enjoy Jim's webinars every time I take one. He does move fast, but he is pretty darn awesome.


Overall, this course helped improve functions I already knew, while also explaining details I wasn't aware of and errors that I saw regularly. The instructor is lively, entertaining and moves at a quick pace while also being very details so following along was easy. I enjoyed Jim and all of his quirkiness


great source of CPE material


This course went above and beyond my expectations and makes me want to learn more. Just fabulous information.


I believe this training would be more effective if if it were longer.




Great class! Not too much so I can remember it and useful.


This was a good course with Excel tips that will help me in my everyday responsibilities at work.


great - I learned new tricks and have already recommended this class to colleagues


Very informative, learned a lot in a very short time, and the presenter made it a lot less boring with his upbeat attitude.


The instructor was very informative and made the webinar as fun as possible, considering excel can be a bit boring.


Jim was engaging and shared so many useful tips and explanations in a way that was easy to grasp and retain. Thank you so much!


Learned a few tricks in this for sure.


Very good.


Excel is the go to of spreadsheets.


it had been so many years since I used some of these formulas. Some look a little different than originally used back in the 90's. I thought since I could not find the formulas that they could not be used anymore. I am glad to see that they are there with more oftions.


I found the webinar to be very informative. I am planning to sign-up for the Excel CEO course right after I finish the evaluation.


Great, efficient webinar


MyCPE did it again! They provided an excellent webinar that will assist me with my job, along with the benefit of earning CE credits.


I thought this was a great presentation, as it not only touched on common Excel functions, but also examples of frequently seen issues and how to address them (e.g. formatting of data).


This 1.5 hours of CPE was well worth the cost! I've signed up for EXCELCEO's course. Looking forward to working on it. Thank you my-cpe!!


AWESOME ... The MYCPE mission, its platfom, and its topic / instructors are FANTASTIC! Thank you to the terrific Host(S) for your ongoing kindness and thoughtfulness. Terrific website!!!


Great program. I wish it was longer in time, as there is a lot to learn and many people had questions. Great instruction and very effective,


I have checked 5 stars before, but other courses pale in comparison of the knowledge of this subject that is presented in the seminar


The content was great and the instructor was awesome!


This Training was GREAT! I learned so much from this and I will utilizing a lot of the materials taught today. Jim was very knowledgeable, detailed, and as well funny! he kept me engaged throughout the whole presentation. I would like to participate in more of his trainings. Thank you


This Training was GREAT! I learned so much from this and I will utilizing a lot of the materials taught today. Jim was very knowledgeable, detailed, and as well funny! he kept me engaged throughout the whole presentation. I would like to participate in more of his trainings. Thank you


It's great! I learned more than I expected to. Recommend this course to professionals who utilize excel in their workplace


Fantastic presenter, fantastic support! *****




This is a terrific topic. I would like to see additional time allotted to this subject; say and additional hour or hour and a half.


This was the second time i listened to this webinar and got more information that i missed the first time. might need to watch it the third time. great webinar


Excellent course, one of the best I've attended


Loved the instructor. Liked learning about the spin function. I hope to be able to make an additional $20,000 in business now.


The webinar was great, the only issue for me was that it was focused on items I'm intimately familiar with. Unfortunately I didn't really learn new tricks here. The presenter is great and I have used his classes before which definitely taught me new tricks. I may have not read the details of what the content focus was prior to signing up.


Great tips!




Great webinar! Jim makes the material interesting and the class time flies by. One of the best webinars I’ve ever attended.


Very informative.


Very informative.


This was my first webinar with my CPE, but I am certain it will not be my last!