Jody Grunden

Jody Grunden, CPA (US)

Fort Wayne,IN
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Jody Grunden is the CEO and Co-Founder of Summit CPA Group. From Summit CPA's inception in 2002, Jody transitioned the company to a distributed accounting firm in 2013. Since 2002, Summit CPA Group has grown from a team of 2 people to approximately 50. The company has grown extremely fast, experiencing 3-year 150% growth consecutively over the past 3 years and being recognized by Inc. 5000. 

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How To Scale CFO And Advisory Services With Offshoring
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Cori Godeke, CPA (US)

Dec 16th 2020

I really appreciated how crisply you talked about how to give presentations and the right level of detail to cover with business owners. We can all get lost in the details sometimes and the reminder not to go there was nice!


Brittany Dortch, CPA (US)

Dec 17th 2020

The instructors did a great job presenting this material and providing real life examples of how they provide service to clients. I liked the multiple presenters versus one presenter.


Kelly Nosek, CPA (US)

Jun 23rd 2021

All presenters were highly engaging and shared multiple real-life examples to help facilitate our learning. I wish we had more time with them because they were so effective.


Gabriel Hahn, CPA (US)

Mar 26th 2021

One of the Best presentations I've ever attended. Great content and impressive flow. It has me intrigued by the company, and I would consider working for them in the future.


Heather Verble, CPA (US)

Jun 23rd 2021

Very engaging speakers. I really enjoyed their perspective and innovative way of thinking. Much of what they described could be applied to any type of team.

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