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Natasha Goldstein

Natasha Goldstein

Founder & CEO, The Accountkeepers
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About Speaker Natasha Goldstein

Natasha Goldstein has 14 years of experience in impact investing, social entrepreneurship and corporate finance. In September 2017 Natasha took the social entrepreneurship leap for the second time and launched The Accountkeepers, a for-profit B Corp accounting company based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina aiming to change the social contract between employers and employees in America. In August 2019 The Accountkeepers was acquired by the national firm inDinero, and Natasha is leading their effort to become a flexible employer. From 2013 to 2017, Natasha was the Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of MCE Social Capital, a global impact investing fund with $60+ million invested in 35 countries. At MCE Natasha was responsible for raising $20 to $25 million annually in impact investing capital from both institutional and individual impact investors, as well as all financial and operational aspects of the fund. From 2016 to 2017 Natasha was also the Social Entrepreneur in Residence at Launch Chapel Hill, a startup accelerator based out of the University of North Carolina (UNC) working to accelerate social enterprises. She sits on the Board of several social enterprises in New York City and North Carolina. Prior to joining MCE in 2013 Natasha started LIFT Investments, a social enterprise in Kenya and raised approximately $100,000 in initial start up capital from impact investors. Prior to this, Natasha was an investment banker at UBS Investment Bank. Natasha has a Bachelors of Commerce from Queen’s University and an MPA from Columbia University.




Informative in providing general guidelines towards necessary information to provide in an M&A situation.


Great experience.


No complaints


This was an excellent comprehensive presentation of what information companies that are looking to be sold will need to produce




This was great. I wish there was a CPE certificate or something that came with it to make that easier as I would do a lot more of these if that existed/


Awesome to hear from M&A experts


The Webinar was very interesting and brought up good points to be aware of in case one was thinking of selling their company. All of the due diligence and reports necessary was eye opening.


Great topic and excellent presenters!


Great information. Thanks


Very informative as I plan sell my practice this year information will be helpful in making a smooth transfer


Very informative as I plan sell my practice this year information will be helpful in making a smooth transfer


I have bought a few businesses in the past and the instructors' checklists and recommendations align well with the real world. I do not work for an accounting firm and the business that I am a CFO of will not be selling any time soon.


Good course as a starter for M&A which can be complex at times.


Good course as a starter for M&A which can be complex at times.




I'm constantly looking for webinars as they relate to my tax service and accounting. Keep up the good work.


Thank you!


Good Seminar


Good information. Though I thought the course was from the acquirer perspective on what documents to obtain from a target rather than as being acquired




Natasha seemed to know the subject matter but I'm not convinced James knows how accounting firms work. Secondly, it was very difficult to take anything he said seriously as he was dressed in a ball cap and a hooded sweatshirt; not very professional at all. Lastly, neither mentioned that many states have laws barring non-CPA ownership of CPA firms. Unfortunately I can only give this event 2 stars.