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Reza Hooda

Reza Hooda


About Speaker

Reza is a thought leader in the accounting profession and regularly creates valuable, inspiring and practical content for accounting firm owners. Having undergone a journey of being a practice owner himself (and still is) Reza is able to empathise with his audience and save them the heartache of spending time and money doing the wrong things by creating content sharing what works and what doesn't.

He has been putting out weekly videos on Linkedin for the last 2 years and built up a large following across social media. He also hosts his own podcast where he interviews other accountants and how they have managed to achieve success in their journey together with episodes delivering value to accountants helping them with their biggest challenges. The podcast is called Transform Your Profits for Accountants and so far over 60 episodes have been published.

His YouTube channel hosts the videos that first appear on Linkedin and there are now nearly 200 videos on there.

Reza has also been shortlisted in the Practice Pioneer category of the Accounting Excellence Awards run by Accounting Web in the UK for 2022.

Link to website: Click Here

Reza's YouTube Channel: Click Here

Area of Expertise

  • Accounting
  • Experience in Years: 15
  • Total followers: 15000
  • Hours of content created: 200

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