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Virginia La Torre Jeker

Virginia La Torre Jeker, J.D.

  • 4.8 / 5
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About Speaker

With over 35 years of US tax and international experience, Virginia has been a member of the NYS Bar since 1984. Practicing US tax overseas since 1986, Virginia’s practice has focused on clients in Asia and the Middle East. She provides expert insight into tax planning and compliance for American expats and foreign persons having any US connections.

Virginia has an expertise in cross-border transactions and structuring, FATCA, regaining US tax compliance with previously unreported foreign income, assets or accounts, expatriation tax planning, and providing specialist advice for international families in numerous areas of US international tax. Working with tax and attorney colleagues across the globe, Virginia excels in solving cross-border and multi-jurisdictional tax matters and has developed a unique and sought-after specialty in analyzing the US tax consequences of transactions involving Sharia law and the use of UAE “foundations” in US tax planning.

Virginia’s tax advice is highly knowledgeable, reliable and solution-focused. Having assisted Asian and Middle Eastern families for decades, she appreciates the sensitive and special situations involved in multi-national families. Virginia has worked with international law and accounting firms (Deloitte), major banks (including HSBC), and trust companies. Early in her career she worked with the top-tier NY law firm, Willkie Farr & Gallagher.

Virginia is a Bloomberg tax author and an avid tax blogger for many years; her work is highly regarded and recognized internationally. Her Twitter Account @VLJeker has been listed in Forbes, Top 100 Must-Follow Tax Twitter Accounts and she is named by Bloomberg as a tax professional to follow on LinkedIn. Tax Notes International recognized Virginia as a preeminent US tax professional, profiling her international tax practice (here). Listen to a short podcast posted in Forbes to hear Virginia discuss how she established her tax practice abroad, the challenge of balancing family life with career, and recent international tax issues.

Virginia has been quoted in the New York Times, Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal and is regularly quoted in local news and publications. Virginia has a passion for US international tax and her contributions to the field are prolific: interviewed by CNN, local television appearances, regularly speaking at conferences and seminars, and publishing a vast array of scholarly works on US tax issues, some of which have been referenced by other attorneys or organizations both to the US courts and US Congress

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David Lesperance

Jun 29th 2022

This webinar is critical for any advisor who is having a client contemplating leaving the US tax system by either renouncing their US citizenship or relinquishing their US Green Card. Virginia’s depth of knowledge, experience and expertise as laid out in this presentation will quickly dispel the myth that this is a DIY or amateur job, especially for HNW Americans. The fiscal damage that can be done in overpaying tax upon departure or laying a significant future tax burden on US heirs will make the cost of proper advice seem like a rounding error.


Brian Smith, CPA (US)

Jun 16th 2022

Great instructor!


John Dayries, CPA (US)

Jun 15th 2022

The course contains pertinent, practical and actionable information and advice for filing FBARs. The instructor is among the best of all that I've seen on myCPE.com. Overall, an excellent course.


Brian Smith, CPA (US)

Jun 13th 2022

I thought this was an excellent presentation.


courtney stephenson, CPA (US)

Jun 30th 2022

The content was wonderful and the presenter was clearly very knowledgeable. I wish we would have had more time for questions and answers as none of my questions were addressed due to time constraints. I also felt the polling question sections were very unnatural as far as cutting off the presenter in the middle of talking just to have a poll. It felt like she had no control over when the questions were asked.

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