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How to Create and Sell Online Courses on myCPE
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How to Create and Sell Online Courses on myCPE

Allen Smith, CPA
Allen Smith, CPA
  • October 29, 2021 06:34 PM EST

In the current digitized era, online learning has gained more attendance than ever. Professionals have better access to Internet connectivity and find it more convenient to learn a new subject, earn continuing education credits or acquire certification through online courses.

Therefore, if you are interested in creating and selling online CPE courses on myCPE, you have come to the right place. This article is meant to provide all the required tips and guidelines regarding how to monetize your content. Therefore, please read this composition thoroughly to get the basic idea of making and publicizing online courses on myCPE.

Select Your Course Niche and Target Audience

The foremost task to execute in this procedure is to select your target subject and audience. This will provide you with the foundation for creating your online course on myCPE, as you must know for which segment of the audience you are making them. This exercise will also reduce your time and efforts as you will directly address the target users instead of following a general marketing process. You may choose to begin with a particular niche, and as your popularity increases, you can utilize your fame to introduce more online courses.

Describe your Course –

Once you have decided whom to address, you should provide them with all the necessary course details, starting with your intent in introducing that course. It would help if you communicated in such a way that the viewers can comprehend the crux of your online course and will be attracted to learn more about it. You must try to cover most information that you would like to convey to your target audience about the objective and fundamentals of the course. A video containing the gist of your course shall be beneficial.

Spread your Word –

If you want to sell courses online, you must adapt advertising methods such as giving digital hand-outs. You can create advertisements for showcasing on social media platforms, as most people globally are connected via these forums. The hand-outs and advertisements must be accompanied by the course material for the users to know more about your venture.

Provide Pricing Details –

Based on the current marketplace, your competitors’ rates, and most importantly, the value of your online course, you can publicize the cost that you want to label your course with. Of course, there are many other factors that you must take into consideration while thinking about monetizing your content, and you must rethink all of them before you finalize the price.

Key Principles Behind Creation of Online Courses –

There are certain checkpoints to keep in mind before creating and selling courses online. Firstly, you should stick to simple graphics while describing and conducting your course. Pictorial representations are always easier to understand than wordy texts.

  • Keep the lessons short and precise –

    Next, you should keep your lessons short so that the audience keeps their interest vested in the class and keep wanting for more as upcoming courses. Even if your course covers a wide area, you cannot expect all professionals to grasp everything in one day. Short lessons will also let your audience look forward to the next class, as they will want to learn more. On the other hand, longer lessons may make them lose interest and not turn up in the next session.

  • Use the power of Social media –

    Creating platforms for engagement with your audience is another way of maintaining your target strength. For example, you can create groups on the CPE platform or social media and constantly engage with the professionals pursuing the online CPE courses.

  • Ask for feedback –

    Finally, taking feedback from your users is a key step to conveying that you are open to change and making them feel that their opinions count. Receiving feedback will help you eradicate the limitations from your courses and build it more crowd pulling.


It would help if you seized the golden opportunity to create and sell your profitable online course and bust some myths in the journey. Wrong beliefs such as one requires a grand launch for a successful online course and only cheap courses survive in the market discourage many of us from starting something new. Thus, use your endeavor and expertise to bust these myths.

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Allen Smith, CPA

Allen Smith, CPA

Learning Consultant

The Authors, Allen Smith is a Practicing Certified public accountant and senior vice president at myCPE – Continuing Education Platform for Professionals. He understands the current needs of the education domain and strategies for the presenters to adapt the new changes.

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