Why should Instructors think like Youtubers?
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Why should Instructors think like Youtubers?

Shawn Parikh
Shawn Parikh
  • June 04, 2021 12:00 AM EST

The great thing about YouTube is there are no gatekeepers. No one is waiting to tell you if you're good enough. It's just your audience.” Well, I believe that it should be no different than this when it comes to Online CPE content. Out of curiosity to understand how our CPE instructors can position themselves with the prominence similar to that of a Youtuber, in the world of Online Continuing Education - We organized an informal panel discussion with some of the experienced CPE Instructors, and some dynamic YouTubers.

With some very interesting perspectives and opinions, one thing which we all agreed to with the conclusion of that discussion is that, it's time for instructors to think like youtubers! YouTube has democratized video publishing, and one of the key reasons behind this success is its accessibility to the masses. Of course, Online Continuing Education is a limited market when compared to YouTube, but it’s potential is wide enough to consider using the following tips that we’ve carved out for Instructors to think like YouTube content creators;

#GetToThePointQuickly : it’s vital to get to the point quickly. Don’t labour on slow introductions, viewers tend to find that sort of thing tedious. The best thing you can do is answer the question on the attendee's mind: “why am I attending this course?” (Apart from taking CPE credits of course!)

Boredom is the common enemy of content creators. Viewers have a short attention span, and when you’ve got thousands of hours of content at your disposal, why would you want to watch something that’s not engaging enough?

#BePatient: Don’t worry if your courses aren’t flooded with viewers after rolling out the first few hours of content. Sometimes it will take a while for your content to build momentum, but good quality and regular course updates will go a long way toward becoming more prominent in the Online Continuing Education world.

#KeepExperimenting : Always keep an eye on the audience reviews. If people regularly comment upon the relevance of the title or the description, or pace of the presentation considers making necessary changes. If the shorter titles retain more viewers, go with that strategy. Continually testing means you’ll keep getting better as you learn more about your audience.

#CommitToConsistency : If possible, roll out fresh content two or more times per month, especially if you’re just starting out and trying to build an audience. Keeping a regular schedule with multiple course videos per month can quickly raise the demand for your courses.

You might be making Oscar-worthy course videos, but if each video takes 6 months to produce, your courses aren’t likely to grow your followership in this competitive world. Regular course uploads at familiar times are what bring people back for more.

#ChooseEmotionsOverProductionValue : Your content may not have high production value but should definitely have emotion! If you are angry, get pissed. If you find anything funny, Laugh! But do not go flat just because it’s an educational video.

Excitement is the emotion that people respond to most. When we see someone showing enthusiasm, it makes us want to know why they’re excited and maybe join in so we’ll feel excited, too. Maybe you can use this tip in your short promotional videos.

#DesignThumbnailsToMakeThemClick : Thumbnails, more than any other factor, can make or break your success on YouTube. The same goes with your Online CPE Courses. First and foremost, the thumbnail should be relevant to the video’s title and content. Nothing makes people click away faster than a video that has nothing to do with the thumbnail. Viewers feel tricked.

Of course we will select the thumbnail for your course videos, but you are the best judge for your content and your suggestions shall always be welcomed.

#BeConsistent : When all of your thumbnails have a consistent look, people can recognize your videos at a glance. This consistency might include a similar text font, a logo, familiar colors, a shape or design element, or the same person’s face. Whatever you choose, find something consistent and stick with the style on all of your thumbnails.

#HaveTheRightHeadline : Keep in mind that thumbnails are only half of the story. The other half is the title. A clever juxtaposition of title and thumbnail can go a long way toward increasing attendee interest.

#Collaborate with Other Speakers : Social proof has a strong influence on people. When a content creator collaborates with another creator, it’s an endorsement to their audience. It can be just enough for a viewer to check out your Profile, and if they like your content, Congratulations! you’ve got a new follower.

#TargetUsingKeywords : One of the biggest challenges in the online world is to make people find you even when they’re not looking for you! Technically, the audience doesn’t even know who they are looking for, but they definitely know what they are looking for! And the key to fill this gap is efficient use of ‘KeyWords’ in your course content be it the Title, Course Description, Learning Objectives or Recommended For.

Our team puts maximum efforts to cover the relevant keywords in the page content. If you have any suggestions about keywords that can also be included, please let us know.

#FreeSignatureWebinar : To get your audience to know about the prominence of your content, figure out a one hour course video that you would either do live or would run as a replay, for FREE! The idea here is to promote your content and let the audience know that they can trust you when they invest their time and money in your content. Additionally, this will position you as a thought leader and will strengthen your brand! So pick the content for this Signature Webinar very diligently.

#TrendingTopics : A lot of presenters prefer sticking to their decided topics rather than picking from what’s trending. Of course, it requires effort in terms of research and working in very limited time, when it comes to presenting courses on trending topics but, the effort pays off because of the demand that these topics have. The curiosity of the audience plays a notable role in increasing your followership when you present on trending topics frequently.

#CreateSeriesOfCourses : Nothing increases watch time like binge watching. Of course “lean back” is not something that we can expect from the audience while watching educational videos, but creating a series of courses is definitely one of the best yet underutilized tips to be successful as a continuing education instructor.

#ContentIsKing : Be it YouTube, Netflix or Continuing Education, content remains to be and shall always be the KING! The quality, relevance and coverage of the content should never be compromised. All the tips and tricks are likely to work in your favor, only if you work in favor of your audience while creating the content!

Just like Youtube has democratized video publishing for everyone, we intend to simplify the content creation for our partners while rolling out the best content! Of course, there is an increase in competition in the Online Environment, but it’s time that we get on the better side of it!

Our aspiration is to become the YouTube of Continuing Education World. Of course not literally but symbolically! ,

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