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Future of Online Continuing Education
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Future of Online Continuing Education

Allen Smith, CPA
Allen Smith, CPA
  • May 05, 2021 12:00 AM EST

Educating is more than just a profession! It’s a responsibility. A responsibility of delivering value addition to the students. And when those students belong to some of the smartest professional communities globally like Accounting, Tax, Finance, and HR, the responsibility rises multi-fold. You’re an expert on the subject matter that you teach and you have put years of experience & hard work to develop your continuing education content. A lot of veteran presenters who were dependent on state societies and other offline mediums for educating have suddenly got disrupted to a great extent as they chose not to change their approach with changing times. We do not want anything like that to happen to Speakers and Educators working with us!

At “myCPE” we consider all Speakers and Educators as our Partners! And we want them to grow with us as we immensely value their contributions to our platform.


Let’s have a look at them:


  1. Stay ahead! And if not be the first mover, at least be a fast adapter.

  2. Content still continues to remain the King! However, the audience's expectations are increasing. And in order to keep at pace with these expectations:
    • Build More and More Courses, Make Timely Updates and Expand Your Catalogue - It goes without saying that to reach out to the maximum and relevant audience, you need to be visible! and your visibility in the world of continuing education is directly proportional to the size of your content catalog. Of course, keeping your existing content updated and preventing it from being obsolete, is equally important.

    • Always listen to the feedback of your audience - While making the best out of your content in terms of marketing, promotion and interactivity, you should never forget about the people you have been doing this for. take your audience reviews very seriously, address them in a timely and satisfactory manner, and do not hesitate in making changes as a result of genuine audience feedback!.

    • Engaging & Visually Appealing Videos - We have always been advising our partners to make their live webinars as interactive as they can be by following the indicative tips such as increasing chat engagement, using a webcam, adding more polling questions, being humorous and witty, running contests, taking open questions, etc. Now, this is taking a step ahead by making your On-Demand course videos more interesting and visually appealing. you just need to make sure that you record your video sitting in front of a green screen (so that interactive in-video effects can be added) and make the conversation very engaging!.

    • Create Promo Videos and Use Engaging Thumbnails - Let’s make your first interaction with the audience of your webinars remarkable! Record a short promo video for each of your webinars (45 to 90 Seconds) to make sure that it covers the extract of the topic and takeaways. This increases the excitement and curiosity to attend the course and also informs about its relevance for the audience. You may also choose to record promo videos for an entire series of courses instead of just one webinar.

    • Build content that can be packaged in long-form and short-form - The only thing, which is not increasing with the increase in mobility of resources, workplace agility, and dynamism, is the number of hours in a day! And since we cannot slow down the time, we will have to adjust our pace to match with that of the audience. Self-Paced courses can be webinars broken down into videos of 10 to 15 minutes covering Small Topics/Subtopics. Attendees will always have an option of taking the whole course in a 2 – 3 hours stretch or in bits and pieces at their own pace without having to go through the hassle of rewinding to where they left last. Each of these chunks of courses may have its separate hand-out material which can include the bookmark feature!.

    • Build Practical Courses & Workshops - The in-person interactive classrooms might not be returning but their experience can be replicated. The practical courses and workshops establish a DIRECT CONNECT between the presenters and their audience, in a way that traditional events have failed to do!.

  3. Building Followership, maximizing on the Impact of Social Media & Thought Leadership is INEVITABLE - It will not cost you anything to promote your own webinars and to MAKE THE MOST of your content, you need to reach out to people at places where they visit the most! So never miss out on a single opportunity to promote your content on social media.

  4. Make money! in more than one ways - It’s not just the live webinars that you can make your money from, but by also strategically running the webinars in replays and putting them up as On-Demand (Self Study) courses. you can yet take a step ahead by planning to bundle your courses, covering a particular theme or subject area, into bulk CPE packages and Certification Courses.

  5. Own your content - In contradiction to what most content platforms might ask you for, we strongly suggest that you should NEVER GIVE THE EXCLUSIVITY IN YOUR CONTENT to any platform! Your content belongs to you, and you have all the rights to monetize it or use it for networking at a maximum number of platforms possible. There is severe competition among the CPE content sponsors and to safeguard themselves, some of the platforms cannibalize your growth by asking for exclusivity.

  6. Price your Content relative to the competition - PRICE, for a very long time, has been the dominant factor for people to decide on whether or not they want to attend a particular course. But with changing times, things moving online, increasing competition, and overhead costs being reduced to less than half, Price would just be a number! What would really matter, are your followers and the user reviews that you have. and therefore, your content should be priced strategically based on several factors like Competition in your area of expertise, Similar Content Reviews, Speaker’s Followership, Title, Course Description, and Learning Objectives.


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Allen Smith, CPA

Allen Smith, CPA

Learning Consultant

The Authors, Allen Smith is a Practicing Certified public accountant and senior vice president at myCPE – Continuing Education Platform for Professionals. He understands the current needs of the education domain and strategies for the presenters to adapt the new changes.

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